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tongue twisters - hungarian


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There are several funny tongue twisters in the hungarian language, here are a few of them and the supposedly english meanings.


Az ibafai papnak fapipája van, ezért az ibafai papi pipa papi fapipa vagy Az ibafai papnak fapipája van, mert az ibafai fából készült papi fapipa a legjobb papi pipa fapipa

The priest of Ibafa (a village) has a wooden pipe, so the priest's pipe of Ibafa is a priest's wooden pipe.



Te tetted e tettetett tettet? Te tettetett tettek tettetett tettese, te!

You committed this fake crime, you!


Nem minden tarka fajta szarka farka tarkabarka, csak a tarkabarka fajta szarkafajta farka tarkabarka.

 The multi-colored mockingbird's tail is multi-colored. But not every mockingbird's tail is multi-colored, only the multi-colored mockingbird's tail is multicolored.


Jamaica a jamaicai jamaicaiaké.

Jamaica belongs to the Jamaicans


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