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Anyone interested in Nepali Language

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I am a writer based in Nepal. My mother tongue is Nepali. Nepali language, the official language of Nepal, is used by 24 million people in Nepal and equal number of population in northeast India, some portion of Bhutanese and Burmese population and in other countries where people of Nepali descendants have migrated. If you want to travel to Nepal to see Everest, trek in Annapurna, or visit Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha, you definitely need to learn Nepali. I can help you.

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I would be interested! I have really good college friend from Nepal. He was in my Chinese class. He tried to teach my a little bit of Nepali and even his tribal language. I think the written script is beautiful.

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On 4/17/2016 at 0:49 AM, Ciaran said:

I'd be interested in learning! I've never looked into Nepali before.

Couple of years ago, I worked on a language guide book for a client. I am not a language tutor, however, I can teach Nepali conversational language. If you are in Nepal, the ability to speak the native's tongue will help you. You can always count on me.

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