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Is that so?

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I was checking one of those sites that are filled with interesting and not so interesting facts.   One of those facts caught my attention, because according to it what we recognize nowadays as British accent  is something quite new.  It all started with the upper British class back in the time before the American revolution, back then it's said the accent of the British people was almost the same as the accent from their american counterparts. A while after that it turned to what it is now. I was mind blown!   I couldn't help but to wonder... how true is that?  Does anyone know?  i'm really curious!

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Haha, this is the first time I've heard of this. I've always accepted that because of geographical locations, we people develop our own 'accents.' That is, that American and British English have always been different. It never occurred to me that there was a point in history that the English language converged as one, accent including.
Anyways, this got me curious and turned to my friend Google, haha! I found this article and I think it explains clearly how the English language evolved differently in America and Great Britain over time. It is a very interesting read.


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Thanks, I'm still socked at this.  I thought the Brits had had that accent for very long,  not that it developed almost overnight o_O Because from the sound of it... it did D:  Ah well, I'm just glad it did, British accent is awesome :)  

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