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If you are like me and something like spotify to listen to music while working, you should consider switching to some german online radio, it is a great way to train your ear and listen to a lot of german. The two main things that are going to be useful are the news and advertisements. If you live in the east coast you can maybe catch the evening news or something while you are still working. Some radios also have late night shows where people call in. 

And you know what? in some of these stations the music is very very good and the rate of ads vs music is much more reasonable than what you find in the US, yet in this case you actually want to hear the ads!

This is also a great way to listen to some actual german music and singers, maybe finding something that suits your taste.

The news are complex but if you are a well informed person that knows what's going on in the world you may catch yourself understanding something out of the context because they are talking about things that you already know.

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Here you can listen to all of them: http://www.deutschland.fm/
One page; all radio stations, that's the purpose of this series of websites.
They have a whole lot more countries listed there and it works like a charm.

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On 4/29/2016 at 4:11 PM, wamiller said:

Do you have any recommendations for online sites that offer german radio?

I listen to this very cheesy radio from Nuremberg, I usually listen to the late night programming (because of the time zone difference) and it is usually love songs (mostly in English though), horoscopes, and some sort of classified apps with people looking for a partner, yeah, I know, it is very cheesy but also very funny and the language is simpler than something like the news from the DW, that vocabulary is way more complex. They also do news.

Here is the link: http://www.charivari986.de/


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