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Free language learning websites.


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There's Memrise which I prefer over Duolingo.

Just a reminder: depending on just (free or paid) language learning sites/apps won't get you anywhere passed beginner level.
Language learning actually requires multiple kinds of materials to be used at the same time (speaking with a teacher, listening to music, reading real news, etc.).

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@Blaveloper....I've never heard of Memrise, so thanks for the heads up. I'll have to check it out because I'm always on the lookout for new sites that offer free learning tools :) -and I agree, it does help to diversify your learning aids/tools. I find that that way I maintain the momentum of interest and enthusiasm.

I really like the Duolingo and iTalki sites, which have both been highly recommended to me by friends. I have had a look around both and liked what I saw, but have yet to actually take the plunge. But I will one of these fine days :)

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