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English is FUN with 168 English

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168 English Online is one of the leading providers of quality Online English Education worldwide that uses user-friendly systems like QQ international and Skype as a method of teaching. Teachers are well trained and have been teaching for the longest time. With proven teaching methods we guarantee that every student will improve in every aspect of English.

Our company has a very flexible schedule that operates from Monday to Sunday so we can easily adjust to the schedule of each student ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

With so many courses to choose from we guarantee that every student at ANY LEVEL and ANY AGE can study and improve their English.

Our company believes that enforcing FUN and FAMILY LIKE class will assure the student’s readiness to study and will provide WONDERFUL MEMORIES that learning retention becomes very easy.

 We offer Intensive English Course for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced students.
Adults -(19+) Kids (4-12) Teens (13-18).We also teach English Speaking Power,TOEFL,GRAMMAR,
IELTS, Pronunciation,Business English.

Feel free to send us an email to: [email protected]

“Study with 168 English and learn English the fun way!”


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Sounds like a very comprehensive guide to learning the English language, which I am sure is helpful for a lot of people.  I am going to guess that the whole fun idea is rather relative and really depends on what type of person that you, but if it works to provide that extra little boost of motivation then who ca argue with that.  I am hoping that there are a lot of fun ways to try all sorts of activities from speaking to writing to reading...I think that would be the most effective.

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I am interested in brushing up my English language skills. I have never heard about this site, however, from what I have read on this thread, this is a kind of website I am looking for.I don't use skype much,however, I am on skype. I will check this site and try to spend at least one hour every day and make my English better.

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