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Is Spanish difficult ?

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Hola sleeperguy!

I'm a native spanish speaker, also fluent in English. No, I don't think Spanish is difficult at all! You can learn to speak some basic sentences in just a few week for sure. It gets a bit more complicated later on with verb tenses and such, but it's not too hard. Give it a shot! If you have any specific questions, ask me please.

Also, it's quite different from English.

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I haven't really tried to learn it myself, but everyone I ask about Spanish says it's not very hard. When I told my buddies I was going to learn French instead of Spanish, they thought I was crazy because apparently French is much harder than Spanish. Most of my Spanish speaking friends say it's not too hard. The only thing I think that could trip you up really is some of the pronunciations, and the word order.

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Muchas Gracias for answers :))

I want to learn Spanish because I want to be a Spanish Translator.Btw where are you from and can I learn Spanish completely in Latin American countries like Argentina,Colombia etc. ?

Last question:What is the difference between Spain Spanish and Latin American Spanish ?


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Yes, spanish is a pretty smart language, easy to learn for its simple pronunciation and clear grammar rules. The only hard part of spanish is master  the correct use of conjugations, in order to speak 100% accurate spanish and leave no room to ambiguous talk, but you can get well understood even if you conjugate the grammatical tenses incorrectly. French is not so hard also, but there are lots of exceptions for grammar rules and pronunciation is tricky compared to spanish.

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On 6/27/2016 at 7:26 PM, sleeperguy said:

Spain Spanish and Latin American Spanish

Actually, there is not a single Latin American Spanish. Colombian Spanish is a little different than say, Argentinian Spanish (actually called Rioplatense Spanish) as it uses the "voseo" form for the second person singular pronoun, that is, using "vos" instead of "tu" thus affecting the conjugational verb forms. To add a little more confusion to the mix "voseo" is actually used in some regions of Colombia!

Some word from common household items and fruits are different, for instance, passion fruit has many different names depending on the country,  and not even the Chileans themselves understand Chilean Spanish :P

I you go to a country to learn the language you can pretty much go to any of them as all the dialects are mutually intelligible but the difference between Spanish from say, Spain, and Spanish from Perú is more significant than the difference between British and American English. 


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Well, just like any other language, it's difficult because you don't know it. Many people out there can be good at speaking Spanish, but that doesn't make them a good teacher. 

Teaching is the process of actually breaking down what needs to be learned and training someone else in a way they can efficiently catch on in an average way. Many teachers just don't know how to teach, and if you come across a teacher who is not good with teaching, you will always have difficulty trying to catch on to something that can be made super easy to learn that children master it. 

For me it was easy, I had a teacher that explained things about the language like we were kids. And I also had many people that I worked with over the years teach me more about it.

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