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What did you decide to learn a language?


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I'm curious about why you chose to learn a foreign language?

It seems like we all have different motivations and things that piqued our interest.

For me, I have to admit, although it is a little silly, I mostly wanted to learn French because I find the accent sexy. ;) However, I have also always wanted to travel to France, so it did seem to follow naturally that I should learn the language. I hope to travel there in a year or two, when I have the money.

I have studied it off and on for several years now, with some sad lapses in study. I am coming here to try to start refreshing myself and learning again.

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Haha, no worries. There are many others that are like-minded. But in the end, all that matters is that you're motivated to learn a language. Which is excellent! And I hope you do go to France one day - so, good luck!


As for my reason, it's quite simple. Enriching myself; and by that I mean to become more wiser, to be more understanding of other cultures and their mindset. How and why they think in a certain way. It's truly something fascinating to me. Also, knowing many languages gives you an advantage over many people (in terms of communication). So whenever I need to say something discreetly, the extra languages truly do come in handy.  

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The languages I would love to learn are French, German, Russian and Chinese but I am a slow learner. My younger sister speaks French fluently and has tried to help me but I'm not as sharp in languages as I am with calculations.

I decided to learn Arabic because I am currently residing in UAE but that has not been successful either. I think I need a miracle:rolleyes:

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I am currently learning Korean because I listen to the music and watch the shows, although I wouldn't mind learning Cantonese (my boyfriend's family speaks it) and Mandarin. I actually have tried learning some Mando back in high school when it was required to take up foreign language, and though I am a bit rusty now, I still remember a couple of phrases. 

But yeah, as of now only Korean. I would like to travel one day and put my conversational skills to the test ;)

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