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Is Duolingo Any Good?


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I've heard of quite a couple of language apps, however a spanish teacher friend of mine recommended that if you wanted to learn spanish independently, you should use duolingo. I tried learning french with duolingo (I know a bit of french so it was easy to get started), and it seemed pretty good. It offers quite a few languages and you can level up as you progress. They also offer cool incentives such as cool avatars and the like.

Is it any good for spanish or other language learning however? 

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Short answer: no.

Long answer: it's only good if you use Duolingo as an aid to your main learning tool (whether it's a textbook, Italki lesson or something else that goes deep into a language).
You can't rely on Duolingo alone, it'll give you out of context sentences a lot and only teaches you vocabulary up to lower-intermediate level.
I know enough people who used Duolingo in the past, most of them still can't speak their target language, only some managed to learn the language.
The reason: those who failed used Duolingo exclusively, while those who succeeded used Duolingo along with a bunch of other tools and aids.

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