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What should I use with "Interview" and "Work"?

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Hey guys, I have some doubts, I hope you can help me understand these ones.

Should I say: "I read an interview to (Name)" or "I read an interview with (Name)"?

Also, is it: "I work in (Company name)" or "I work at (Company name)"?

I'm having a bit of trouble with those two.

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"I read an interview with (name)" is partially and grammatically correct because an interview requires two persons - the interviewer and the interviewee (the person being interviewed).  So if the one speaking the sentence is ALSO the interviewer, people would assume that that person also conducted the interview.  So to rephrase your words, "I read an interview [by (name)] with (name), that would mean that another person conducted the interview.

As to the second question, "I work at (company name)" is definitely correct because you are specifying the company you are working in.  "I work in..." is more appropriate if it is followed by a common noun (the private sector, freelance business, etc.) or a particular place, but without specifying your employer.

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