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Question about level of proficency if I complete Dualingo and then then where to go form there?


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I was wondering if I finish Dualingos Spanish to completion, how proficient would I be? Also how long would it take me to be at least competent after I did do that if I watched Spanish movies / podcasts as well as talked to my Spanish speaking friend.... and how much would you recommend doing those activities? 

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I don't know what Dualingos is, but if you only do Duolingo, you'll most likely complete the course with just a foundation of the Spanish language.
Watching movies and/or listening to podcasts alone could make you more fluent in listening, but you'll lack all the other fundamental skills.
Speaking alone will yet again make you only fluent in speaking.

So in all 3 cases, doing just 1 thing is not enough.
I recommend you to check out Olly's guide on how to do all of this, his guide is the most realistic and effective one I could find:

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