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Hi all, I need some help with an English textbook I am trying to translate into Spanish, Italian and French. The first page shows a family holding hands. The English text is:

Here come the father,
here comes the mother,
here comes the sister, 
here comes the mother,
hand in hand with one another. 

I came up with a French translation like this:

Voici le père, 
voici la mère,
voici la soeur,
voice le frère,
main dans le main avec l'autre.

Is this correct? Or how would you (native speakers) write it?

I need a translation in Italian and Spanish too, and although I intend to try it myself, I would also appreciate some help here.

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Okay, first I think you have a mistake in your original English text, you have "here comes the mother" twice. I think you meant "here comes the brother" the second time since that's what you have in your french translation  "voici le frère". The Spanish translation would be:

Aquí viene el papá

Aquí viene la mamá

Aquí viene la hermana

Aquí viene el hermano (You have "mother" and I think you meant "brother")

Tomados de la mano

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