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  1. I believe it's the only way to learn a language. One can start out with textbooks and a teacher but to be in a country communicating is taking it a step further. I did that with English when I went to the US. My advice though. Place yourself in an environment, where you are NOT able to speak your native language. Which means, travelling alone. And I really recommend to place yourself into a Spanish home. AirBNB is a great place to find what you are looking for. There are always rooms available with family contact. So you HAVE to communicate and in addition get a lot of the culture the same time.
  2. Hi, yes that would be perfectly fine for me, too. I don't have Skype either. I'd have a Facebook account. But in here is quite fine with me.
  3. Thank you so much Antonio. You are right, I meant brother. That helps a lot!
  4. After about 100 tries to get the right English result for jardin (Spanish) I enthusiastically shouted "Scheißdreck" (something like bullshit in German) which then translated to Chase Bank after which I crumbled into heaps of laughter.
  5. Hi all, I need some help with an English textbook I am trying to translate into Spanish, Italian and French. The first page shows a family holding hands. The English text is: Here come the father, here comes the mother, here comes the sister, here comes the mother, hand in hand with one another. I came up with a French translation like this: Voici le père, voici la mère, voici la soeur, voice le frère, main dans le main avec l'autre. Is this correct? Or how would you (native speakers) write it? I need a translation in Italian and Spanish too, and although I intend to try it myself, I would also appreciate some help here.
  6. I consider myself to be fluent in English (as second language). Fluent is for me the moment, when the second language nearly matches my native language speaking skills, including the vocabulary. Since I am broadly interested in an enormous amount of topics reaching from making music, crafting leather goods to psychology, philosophy, or history, that meant adjusting a very large amount of vocabulary to my own standards. Fluent was also for me the moment when native speakers couldn't really place me but would never have guessed from my accent that I was anything other than an English native speaker.
  7. PS: Although the majority of French people doesn't speak foreign languages, they are most appreciative if others try to speak French. A lady in particular repeated what she said about 20 times to me until I finally was able to correctly repeat it back to her.
  8. Hi prettylittleliar, almost 40 years ago I started learning English. I am fluent in it today and that is mainly because I never felt awkward to speak, although I know what you mean when you say you do. The thing is most people don't speak a second (or third, or forth) language. And many don't even speak their own language that well. The French in particular are a people who mainly speak just one language: their own. I just returned from Paris, I know what I am talking about. So, whenever you think you feel awkward, think about this: You already are probably much more able to actually speak a foreign language than the person you are talking to. Each correction from the other person is an advantage you have to get it right in the future. Each time you speak, even though you know it went badly and privately you could do better is an opportunity to gain security. Don't care so much about the right or wrong. It's like most things: with each try you try to make it better than before. And you can only do that when speaking.
  9. Ciao Chiara, sono Ella. Sono di Germania. Parlo German et Inglese in chambio per l'Italiano. Per interesse srivere un PM.
  10. Hi, I am from Germany and speak German and in addition I am fluent in English. I would like to learn French, Italian and Spanish and would like to exchange skills mainly by writing and proof-reading. I am only interested in NATIVE speakers. French from France please, and Spanish from Spain. Hallo, ich bin Deutsche und spreche außerdem fließend Englisch. Ich würde gerne Französisch, Italienisch und Spanisch lernen und bräuchte jemandem zum Austausch hauptsächlich schriftlich und zum gegenlesen. Ich bin ausschließlich an Muttersprachlern interessiert. Französisch gerne aus Frankreich (also nicht Canada) und Spanisch bitte aus Spanien (keine südamerikanischen Länder).
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