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  1. The three of them are very similar so you can't go wrong if you decide to start with one over the other, just start with the one that you like the most, the one that you feel most comfortable with and from there you move on to the next one and then the last one. Since they're very similar you will find it easier when learning the second and the third.
  2. The easiest language to learn is the one that has the most similarities with your own language, so it will vary from person to person, much like the hardest language to learn is the opposite; in this case your easiest language won't be other's easiest language but the one that is most familiar to you.
  3. I think it's a great idea to have shows in other languages, especially if it's shows that kids love to watch, that way they will learn much faster because they feel motivated watching their favorite tv show.
  4. The hardest language will vary from person to person and will depend entirely on your own alphabet, so the hardest one for you won't be the hardest one for other person; but in this case the hardest language for someone is that one that has the most differences between them, the most different alphabet.
  5. I think this is just awesome, you're very talented and smart I wish I could come up with something like this. It's a great idea to have your own language because maybe who knows you become famous one day and everyone starts using it
  6. I'm extremely dedicated when it comes to learning languages. Languages are my life and my passion, I find them very exciting because they're a new way to get to know more people around the world, to learn more cultures and customs. It's been very easy for me when I feel passionate about learning something and even when I haven't felt that way it's still easy. I guess I was born that way, learning languages being very easy for me.
  7. Those three languages share a lot of similarities among them. I'm a native Spanish speaker and I also know some French. I haven't had the pleasure of learning Italian but I hope I get to it someday. I believe you should start with French if you already speak English since they're almost the same, specially vocabulary. Then you move to Spanish or Italian, it wouldn't matter, then of course finish up with the third language. I would learn all three if I were you.
  8. I think this is a great way for kids to learn a foreign language, by watching foreign shows, most of these shows are educational, they teach children things in a fun way which is always good. Parents will have to look for programs that are aimed at their specific kids, aimed at their taste because if a child likes for example music he should look for a tv show related to that subject. First with captioning and then when the kid gets used to listening remove it altogether.
  9. I always need to repeat, I need to do exercises, I need to talk to other people. I also need to put in practice what I learn that day. And for example if it's something that's difficult for me I take extra lessons or try to learn it on my own or by doing everything the teacher recommends me.
  10. I think the hardest language to learn will vary according to your own language. So for example if the alphabet is very similar it's gonna be easier in general, and if it's different then the language is going to be harder. So depending on your language you might find a language that is very difficult for you but for others it will be easier. There is no clear hardest language to learn.
  11. That depends on your persona preferences and whether you're able to understand on your own, that is being self taught. For most people it's better studying with a teacher, having a lesson plan because they can keep track of what they're learning and also they can feel more motivated. There are people who can easily learn things on their own and don't need a teacher. So I'd say if you can learn on your own you do it and if you can't you look for help from someone who can teach you, it doesn't have to be a teacher, it can be someone with knowledge, for example a tutor or instructor.
  12. I found out that most people who are good at numbers aren't good at languages and vice versa, I don't know why but out of the students I've had throughout the years this has become the norm. And I can also speak for myself because I've never been good with numbers and I'm very good at languages. Of course there are some exceptions of people who excel at both things at the same time, they're good with numbers and with languages. We should take advantage of what we have and learn what we can. If something is difficult to learn then we dedicate more time until we get it right.
  13. You can say you're fluent when you can establish a conversation with somebody and are able to understand almost everything that's being said and what you understand you're able to make something out of it through context. I believe at that point you can declare yourself you're fluent in that specific language. To some people it will take them less time and to others more but that doesn't mean you should give up when trying to be fluent, you should keep practicing.
  14. I know you already speak English but English is actually the easiest language to learn since it has less tenses than most other languages. It's very methodological, if you follow a structure it's quite easy to form sentences or questions. You only need to be able to have dedication and passion when learning it and you should succeed. You need to practice everyday and don't expect you will learn it by doing nothing, you have to be active.
  15. I believe that is the best way of learning a language, when you travel abroad to the country that speaks that language. It may seem daunting at first and you will feel shy and maybe afraid of doing it but you definitely should if you have the chance. For example there are many people that don't do it because they don't have the means, and others don't do it because they feel afraid. If you can and have the opportunity you should go for it. It will give you the best experience you could have learning a language since you will be surrounded by natives all day.
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