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Aloha wau ia oe – I love you in Hawaiian Language


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What is the correct way to say I love you in Hawaiian? When searching on the Internet you can find many different 'versions' of it. The version that I just suggested has no accents in it 'aloha wau ia oe'. As Hawaiian has accents (I think those accents have just been added to the written language in recent times), some people suggest that it would need to be written as Aloha au iā ʻoe. Another page suggests that the correct version for this romantic phrase would be Aloha au ia 'oe. So almost similar to the other one, just without the accent on the 'a' in 'ia'. 

Aloha wau ia oe

Another very trustworthy website called Omniglot (I am sure some of my fellow Linguaholics here already know that awesome page) also gathered a nice little collection of useful Hawaiian phrases and they propose to different translations for I love you in Hawaiian: Aloha Au Ia ʻOe or
Aloha No Au Ia ʻOe. 

So to wrap things up, we have lots of different versions at our disposal. But I am almost certain that some of them are not correct. If somebody could spread some knowledge about I love you in Hawaiian, I would be most grateful!

aloha wau ia oe.jpg

And here is even an video with that title. However, it seems like the title is Aloha wau la 'Oe and not Aloha wau ia 'Oe? What's the difference there? So many questions, I know. 


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There is no difference between "Aloha wau la 'Oe" and "Aloha wau ia 'Oe“ except for the confusing use of capital initial letters. 

Actually, it should be written like this: Aloha wau iā ʻoe

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