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Were you a multilingual child?


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How many of you learned more than one language in your childhood and which languages were they?  Did you continue studying them all or did one language become more dominant and the others fell into misuse?  It would help if you also mentioned which country you were born in to give more context about your childhood languages. 

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I was raised by Polish parents in the Netherlands.
I'm therefore a native speaker of 2 languages.

I have learnt fundamentals of English at school when I was 10, fundamentals of German at school when I was 13 and I have further extended my knowledge to English thanks to the internet.
Then I have started to learn Japanese on my own when I was 15.

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I also learned multiple languages in my childhood.  I was born and raised in the USA and I learned three languages in my childhood.  They were English, French, and Hebrew.  It was fitting for me because I'm actually half French and half Jewish.  In my early childhood I learned English and French at the same time in school when I was between ages 4 and 7.  Then when I was 7 years old I attended a new school where I continued to learn English (but not French) and at that time also learned Hebrew in Hebrew school for three years between ages 7 and 9.  When I became older I mostly only used English and the other two languages fell into misuse. 

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