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Hey, I'm curious. University in Rome, Italia have accepted me and was told to apply for scholarship so this is the reason why I'm studying "french, spanish and Italia" just to prepare for it. Okay so, my native language is Malay because my race is Malay. My mum is Singaporean and my dad is from Malaysia. In Singapore, all of us have to understand mandarin chinese but only I can understand a few of mandarin chinese.

I could have mastered chinese till now but because my dad's job been migrated to Jakarta, Indonesia, I can speak Bahasa Indonesia very well for 6 years and even aced the Indonesian IGCSE exams. Malay and Bahasa Indonesia are same route tbh which is nothing so when I'm in Indonesia, I was told to have my 4th language & I choose arabic over french because I'm a muslim but my friends pick french so I can understand french to. so as a muslim, all my life I have been studying arabic but can't speak one word. arabic and chinese are the hardest language to master seriously. its no walk in the park. 

so then, when I returned back home to Singapore after completing my high school in jakarta, Indonesia for work experiences to get better entry for uni, I am also in european language sch to continue with my french and then in that language school, I was told to add on Spanish and German. I learned Italia by myself and tbh, learning italia after french is much easier than learning spanish after french. but I kinda canceled out German since no one in Singapore that I knew speaks German so I chickened out. besides, I am still learning arabic whilst french and spanish at school. me studying arabic is at different school of course. 

here's the curiosity part. maybe, i can learn German in Italy when I've mastered French, Spanish and Italia. But I've heard, when I'm in Italy, as an art student, I may have to study Romanian as well since Italia and Romanian is similar to. Then when I'm done with Uni in Rome, I'm hoping to master Arabic by getting a work experience at UAE and after all this shenanigans, when I've returned home I will then.. continue to master Mandarin Chinese because I'm Singaporean. So am I like under Proto-Italic family? Having to be able to speak :

Malay, Indonesian, English, French, Spanish, Italia, German, Romanian, Arabic and Chinese.  

Which PIE family am I? I just need diagnosis hahahaha... 

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Welcome to the forum, you seem very enthusiastic about languages. :D

As for your question, you can learn German while in Italy, as long as you have the right materials, resources, and people to communicate with (either online or offline).
I've also learnt Japanese without even setting a foot in Japan, and I've also learnt English far before I even met a native English speaker in real life.

Another thing I want to note is that out of French, Spanish, Italian, and German, German is not a Romance language unlike the other 3.
Therefore, you might notice how much German differs from the other 3 languages.

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@Blaveloper haha yes.I am so aware that German is so not romance language, that's why I chickened out and I will learn German in Italy. It was said that Italian speaks German more than Italia and Spanish. Hahaha. I understand the Japanese part. Speaking of Japanese, I thought I want to add Japanese to my list just because my grandpa can speak it. He even offered to teach me but I have no interest. My grandpa have lived in Japan, fought for war and become a Japanese translator before he returned home in SG to become a policeman. Now, he has a great life during his retirement, he gets things free.... Just because of his experiences... Hearing his stories, being with the Japs are actually pretty cool... So I'm like "why should I learn Jap, if I can't even master Chinese yet..." Maybe I will learn Jap after Chinese? On behalf of grandpa... ?

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