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Am I making good anki cards for learning Spanish vocabulary?


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Hi guys, it's my first attempt at making cloze cards, here is a sample of what I am doing. Basically, I'm putting English as a hint where the Spanish goes and when I see the card I need to think of the Spanish equivalent, or near equivalent.

For example:

{{c1::Los ánimos::The moods}} {{c2::oscilan::oscillate}} {{c3::entre::between}} la {{c4::preocupación::concern}} y el {{c5::pánico::panic}}.

Extra: Los ánimos: the moods

oscilan: oscillate

entre: between

preocupación: concern

pánico: panic

Is this okay? Okay to put English there as a hint and to think of the translation?

TLDR; using English hints on anki to learn Spanish okay to do?

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I would rather do the other way around.
Like, put the Spanish word on the front and the answer in English on the back.
That way you will force yourself to think in Spanish.

Another way is to use relevant images instead of English.
Then you will only concentrate yourself on Spanish, but some things can't be indicated with images (like "between" for example).

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