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New forum for "other languages"


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Hi all

Upon several requests, I created another subforum called "Other languages". There, you will find a considerable number of other languages (study Korean, study Tamil, study Swedish and so on).

All those forums can become regular forums with all the sub-sections that the big forums have (like Japanese, Chinese, German and so on) as soon as they got a considerable amount of posts in it. (I will then be willing to transform them).

If you are interested in a language that is currently not listed at all (not as a main forum and neither in other languages), please make a post in the Forum suggestions section and ask for it. Please only do so if you know that there are several members of linguaholic.com interested in it, as it does not make sense to make a new subforum for just one person.

Anyway, if you would like to talk about a language that is "forumized", you can ALWAYS use the general discussion forum (general discussion about language) and post your question regarding language X there.

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