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Help with Japanese spelling of 'wakarimasu'

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Hello everyone and thanks for any help you can provide. In my workbook 'wakarimasu' is written わかリます but I don't understand why the katakana リ is used for 'ri' instead of the hiragana り, like the rest of the word. 

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You're misreading, it's わかります with the Hiragana り.
I understand you can easily misread it as the Katakana リ, because they look super similar.

Another pitfall would be へ and ヘ, the first one being in Hiragana and the latter one being in Katakana.
But as a rule of thumb: words are never, ever spelled with a mix of Hiragana and Katakana, it's either Hiragana, Kanji, Hiragana + Kanji, or Katakana.

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No, they still use a Hiragana り here, so the book is not wrong.
You're still misreading it here.

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There are two ways to write "ri" in Hiragana, in english we have the cursive, same with japanese.

so it's either り or り. The book is not wrong :)

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