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Hi! I have a 10 minute video which I would like some help transcripting. No need for translating, just transcripting. The parts I need help with start at 3:50 all the way to end, just before the credits roll. I know it's a big favour, but if one person could do only 30 seconds, and then another does the next 30 seconds, it won't be too time consuming. I don't speak French at all so any help at all with transcription would be greatly appreciated! The link to the video is here - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9evV7W7HW6yelFSZkppcU1ZUnM/view

Thank you so much in advance! :D

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Center Script Content

lol that clip is really funny. Their voices are really high pitched though, that makes it harder to understand. If I will find some time, I will help you transcribing a bit. 



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