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Anxiety learning languages


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I don't think it's really anxiety, everyone who starts learning a language got nervous at first.
Just go for it, you'll get over it sooner than you will think.

When you choose your language teacher, you may want to stick with the same person.
It's much easier to grow accustomed to one person, than it is to a whole team of people.

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Though I always wanted to learn a new language I was very anxious when I was starting out. I lacked the confidence and I was really reluctant to speak. But that gradually changed when I went to a french school in the summer. We were encouraged to speak with each other in french and the mode of instruction was only in french, so you had no choice but to learn. It was difficult for me at first but then I gradually got used to the idea. The only solution to overcoming this anxiety is to speak more. Once when you start speaking on a regular basis you will know where you are getting stuck and make a plan to tackle the best way to work it out. Record what you speak regularly and play it back to monitor where you are making mistakes. You could even make tapes of your recording every month and compare your performance.  

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