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Hi there. I'm new to this site. My native language is Spanish and I'm learning English on my own. I would like to learn other languages later, maybe French and Russian, but not before I reach an intermediate/advanced level in English.

So far I have spent my time reading and listening about different subjects, ESL and non-ESL, like art, politics, languages, etc. I have learned a bit about phonetics and the IPA, about accents in different countries and regional accents in the same country.

I still have problems to understand some native English speakers, in particular those who talk like if they were drunk or something.

Anyway, my immediate ambitions are improving my listening skills and start to "produce" English. I just want to be able to communicate with people in the Internet.

That's it. I'm glad I found this site. Beautiful, beautiful site.


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Hello :)  I am from India. I understand you, I have the similar problem. I have fear to speak in English because my vocabulary and speaking skills aren't very good. I found some online teaching companies. Now I am learning English at Verbalplanet.com, and my teacher talks excellently in English although it is not her native tongue, she studied English at the university. At first I was affraid of speaking but she was very friendly and made me talk about things I am interested in. It helped me a lot. Greetings.

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