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French vs Spanish - Which one is easy to learn?


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My son is finishing his primary schooling this year. Next year onward he has an option to study either French or Spanish.

Can any one suggest which one is easier to learn?

Also which one would be better for job prospects for him later in life?

Appreciate any help. 

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For a native english speaker, Spanish pronunciation is a lot easier. Both languages have a lot of common vocabulary with English, but I'd give French the edge. It's really a tough call as to which is easier overall though.

For job prospects, of course it depends on many factors. For example, someone who wants to design passenger planes might want French to try to get into airbus. Someone wanting to travel in the petroleum industry might be helped by Spanish. Etc, etc. But for the vast majority of english native speakers, knowing foreign languages isn't beneficial.

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7 hours ago, arabicwithhamid said:

It is really relative.. both are close to English, but Spanish pronunciation is much easier than French.

Both languages are beautiful and beneficial career-wise, so it all depends on his career choice.


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I am a native speaker of Spanish and just got started with French a few months ago. With respect to difficulty, I would say that French is more challenging in terms of pronunciation than Spanish. Spanish is far simpler on that regard. Grammatically wise, I would say that they are somewhat similar. For example, verb conjugation, adjectives, and gender are handled similarly in both languages. Anyway, I would not say they are difficult languages to learn. They are just different from English and other germanic languages.

Regarding how useful they could be later in your son's life, I think both could prove to be pretty useful depending on career preferences and other factors. Maybe he should consider learning the language he is more interested in first. Also, it is important to evaluate how often he could interact with native speakers of French or Spanish or experience the new language in general. That could definitely fuel his progress and catalyst his language acquisition process.

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