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  1. Hi mate, I am an Egyptian native and have a channel on YouTube and a FB page (Learn Arabic with Hamid) to teach both MSA and Egyptian Arabic Infact, most Arabic-teaching books focus on MSA. This makes sense because learning the dialect is more toward hearing people rather than learning the rule or grammar anyway I am available through my channel and page if you have any question
  2. Very interesting article Chemist, and reflect great on a video I made in my channel about reasons to learn Arabic - Thanks a lot for sharing. Actually Arabic is a very powerful and widespread language. As a native, I can understand why many learners are intimidated by this language. However, I am totally sure that once you get the hang of it, you will love it and dig more and more in its secrets.
  3. As a native, I find modern MSA and CA very interrelated. The difference is that CA is far complex as many words are not used today. I really like your enthusiasm regarding CA, which is really difficult for most learners, and throughout my teaching experience of MSA on YouTube, I find that MSA is of ultimate interest for most of the Arabic-language seekers. Many learn MSA to understand the Quraan despite being in CA, which is possible because learning MSA, gives you almost 70% of the understanding of the Quraan text. If you want to dig into CA, it is far more difficult I guess, but not im
  4. Hi guys, check my channel for teaching standard Arabic and Egyptian dialect Learn Arabic with Hamid https://www.youtube.com/c/LearnArabicwithHamid have fun learning
  5. It is really relative.. both are close to English, but Spanish pronunciation is much easier than French. Both languages are beautiful and beneficial career-wise, so it all depends on his career choice.
  6. Where would you like to study Arabic? Within Europe, there are many institutions from where you can study Arabic and get a certificate - but not sure about a specific exam type to be honest I know ESL in Switzerland for example to be particularly wonderful https://www.esl-languages.com/en/study-abroad/online-tests/arabic-test/index.htm also in the Oriental institute in Dresden http://www.test-arabic.com/en/examination-regulations For the best middle east country, if you mean more economically development and high standard of living? I suggest UAE regards
  7. Hi everyone - I want to learn Italian or Spanish. I love both languages but can not decide which to choose first? I am not intending to visit any country speaking either language in the near future. This is just a choice. Any preferences or reflections? Thanks a lot
  8. There is no such thing. Each language has its own flavour. Being easy or difficult is completely relative. Arabic for example is perceived by many people as a very tough language. Knowing this, I explain Arabic words and sentences slowly and stress on how the word is pronounced and written. For me as a native, it is different. If you think a particular language is difficult, this may also depend on how close this language to your own language. For instance, an Italian speaker may consider learning French way much easier than learning Chinese or Arabic. Again it is all relative.
  9. I would say both TOEFL and IELTS. In my country, Egypt, I remember setting for the TOEFL exam and scoring 108/120 as I was preparing for PhD applications. It gives you a good measure about your English proficiency.
  10. Hi everyone, Are you interested to learn the fascinating Arabic language easily and fast? You are at the right place. In my YouTube channel: Learn Arabic with Hamid I am uploading regular videos to teach you both Standard and Egyptian dialect of Cairo in a simple and effective way. Just subscribe to my channel and stay tuned! Happy learning
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