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Help me translate


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Hi there

First of all we are dealing with Chinese characters here.

It's most probably a name. It could actually be a Japanese name (Japanese use chinese characters in their writing ---> called Kanji in Japanese writing system)

means 10

means 9

Together 十九 means 19

郎 has the meaning of gentleman/young man/husband.

It is also an official title in imperial times. It can mean "minister" or "official". It is also used in forming nouns designating certain classes of persons. Or it can just simply be a surname as well.

So it could mean something like "The nineteenth official/minister or maybe just be a proper name or it could be standing for the 19th son of a family. 

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yes. that's kinda what I suspected as well (as you can read above). :=)

 I am living in China at the moment. And I asked some natives here and most of them are also saying that it is most probably refering to a Japanese proper name.


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