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What do you like best from language videos?


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Totally agree with mareebaybay. Language videos are fun to watch. The people who make them are usually very entertaining and try to throw in jokes every now and then. Even if I'm not interested in the language they're teaching, I can still enjoy it as a type of entertainment.

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I think the thing I like most about language learning videos, are how entertaining they are. I love being entertained by videos, as I watch them. I think being entertained by a video, makes a big difference in whether or not you will actually watch the video. I mean who can watch a video they do not enjoy watching?

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I like language videos that go straight to the point, and only offer some explanations when really needed.  I just can't stand those vloggers who make language videos and go yada yada this and that before going to the point!  That can be so annoying!  Specially if you are just creating a video to help people learn a language, and not a video about the culture of the country where the language you want to learn is spoken.

I plan to make my own videos for Youtube in the future, but I'll not be covering languages or anything.  I plan to take the same approach I do now; go straight to the point. That's specially nice for cooking videos ;) 

I really appreciate it when language vloggers don't go bla bla about their day at the start of the video.

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The best part for me would be if the video were funny or at least memorable. I've memorized a few foreign phrases from movies this way, and it surely helps if a whole video is dedicated to just those types of scenes. If I can remember the video or a scene, then it follows that I can remember the dialogue in it much easier.

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I love watching language videos! I find that I learn quickly when I watch a language video. It's nice to see a language video that shows conversations between two people. It helps me apply what I've learned in my textbooks.

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