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  1. I don't see how you can learn a language without being able to read it. Doing so just seems so hard to me, I mean you would be able to understand that language and interpret it, but it is like you are not fully understanding it really.
  2. Speaking correct grammar, is important to me. However it does not mean everything to me, as there are times when I will not be using correct grammar. Times such as me texting or doing something that does not require me to us correct grammar.
  3. I think some people refuse to learn new things, because they are so accustomed to there current learning habits and knowledge making them less likely to want to learn something new. Then there are those who are just scared of commitment so they don't even try !
  4. I think the hardest thing to do is actually speak the language. Speaking a language is so hard because you have to actually learn to think that language as well. Then you have to learn how to pronounce words, which is sort of like reading them. Speaking them is a whole other things though.
  5. I think learning on your own is better, however there will obviously be people who disagree. I mean it really depends on what you like. Like me personally like learning on my own because it even makes me feel like I have accomplished more at the end of the day if I have done so on my own. Learning on your own is also cheaper as well.
  6. My main goal for 2014 is to stay focused. I want to make sure I stay motivated and on top of my game to ensure my best results for 2014. That is my goal for the new year.
  7. I think early learning programs can affect high school students down the road and it could make them more efficient at what they do. That is my personally opinion though.
  8. I think the easiest language to learn is English. English is so easily pronounced and it is also every easy to learn as well. I would suggest English to anyone trying to learn a new language quick and efficient.
  9. I have never really though about my vocabulary and how large it might actually be. I mean I don't think there is a way for you to actually track how big your vocabulary is. Considering all you have learned your whole life.
  10. From first glance, I would assume the hardest language to write would be Japanese or Chinese. They look like the hardest languages to learn as well.
  11. I have never heard of some of the tools given, but I would love to try some of them some time. One of these days I will come around to dong so.
  12. I think the best method to learning Spanish is by learning it from someone else. I learn best when someone else is helping me, that is why I love having someone there to help me personally.
  13. I find time to study, by making me a great schedule I try to kind of schedule out my life for the most part. I hate when I do not have a lot of time to do something I love doing or enjoy doing. That is why I have to find time for learning languages.
  14. I too, don't have children. However when I have children I will more than likely push them to learn a second language, however I will not make it mandatory or anything. I will just push them to do so, because I will not force them to do anything though.
  15. That is a great post, because I too did not even notice the doubles at my first glance. That is crazy what out minds do.
  16. I have a study partner which makes my studying much easier. I pretty much have my study partner around which not only helps me, but motivates me as well. I like the idea of a study partner because they will ensure you learn your new language to your best ability.
  17. The only technique I use to memorize words is practice. I mean practice makes perfect and I am a fan of that saying, because I think the harder you practice at something the better you will get over time.
  18. I won't say that I feel like a different person when speaking a foreign language, because I know who I am. However when I speak a foreign language I feel pretty accomplished as if I have done something very good and that makes me feel great in turn.
  19. I have never tried to think in a foreign language, however I had a teacher who wanted us to try and do so. Thinking in another language is hard though, I mean you are thinking in a language that id not native to you. You are thinking in a language that you are not accustomed to.
  20. I don't think knowing more than one language makes you smarter than the next person. However I think those who learn multiple languages, have some type of ambition or drive pushing them to doing so. I mean it takes a lot of hard work to learn another language that just doesn't happen overnight.
  21. The silliest way I have ever tried to learn language, is more like an experience. I remember when my high school teacher use to try and tell us to think in the language we were learning. Which was nearly impossible since we could not understand the language anyway.
  22. I don't think you could learn a language by listening to just movie dialogue. However I think it could be beneficial to your learning though. You would definitely need to have the subtitles on though. I mean otherwise how would you be able to understand them anyway.
  23. I don't have a language mentor, but I certainly wish I had one. I mean a language mentor would definitely be beneficial to my learning process. Not only would it help me learn languages faster it would also help me be efficient. A language mentor would also more than likely keep me motivated.
  24. I don't think languages should be taught in that language. I mean it would be extremely hard to learn a language if you were not use to speaking it in that language. I mean how do you think you will be able to learn a language in a language you can't even understand?
  25. I don't base someone's attractiveness off of how many languages they can speak. However I do find some people more attractive when they can speak a certain language.
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