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Did any of you attended a French immersion school?

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I did not attend a French Immersion school, but I have several friends that did.

This is a discussion that my wife and I have been having lately. Should we enroll our child in French Immersion? We still have a few years to decide, but we are having a tough time deciding.

What is your impression of the program leahcim132, since you went through it yourself?

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I took French immersion at school. I think it was an awesome program. Knowing French in Canada is a huge advantage especially in terms of obtaining employment. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that learning a second language at a young age can drastically improve a child's cognitive development.

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No, I didn't but I wish I had. I almost got a chance to study in such a program in the south of France. I was a tie between two study abroad programs. One in Montpellier and one in Cannes. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the enough money for it and I didn't get the scholarship I had applied for. Anyway, that would have definitely changed my life. I can just imagine how fluent I'd be if I had done it.

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I attended a French immersion school from kindergarten to grade 12! I'm really glad that my parents enrolled me in it, although sometimes I did find the work to be frustrating and difficult. It can be tough to have to write a five page paper in a foreign language, when your friends that go to a different school get to write the paper in their mother tongue!

Overall, I love that I have a decent grasp of the French language. I'm working on getting my French up to where it used to be!

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I never attended a French immersion school. I don't think that they were around when I was a child in school, but I do see that these types of schools are now available in Ghana. I think it is an interesting concept and one that should be taken advantage of if you can afford it.

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