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Anyone wondered what a Native American / First Nations language sounds like?


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This is a clip of a professional Lushootseed language (a native language spoken in Washington State and with many related languages spoken on Canada's West Coast. It is almost extinct but efforts have been made to revive it.

It's a beautiful language with many sounds that aren't found in European and Asian languages. I like the ejective sounds (k', t', p', kw' ) and the "tl" and "lh" sounds. It has no writing system but is nowadays written in IPA or International Phonetic Alphabet.

How does it sound like, compared with your own native language?

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Thank you for the video!!! It was very interesting. I'm glad people are starting to revive old languages. We are losing so much history with the blending of cultures. I myself wanted to study aramaic and akkadian at one time. I actually got a book for akkadian. But I never did anything with it.

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Nice video but sad thing that those tribal languages are being lost.

I use to play a joke at other forum where people post freelance writing projects and often require "native Americans" saying that it would be hard bring online indigenous people to struggle with their low-pay projects.

However I never thought of my own words, trying to figure how a native American indigenous could sound or could write on.

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