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Nice videos for the alphabets of the Arabic Language.

Recently, there was a new famous video made and presented in the Arabic channels, and I really feel that it must be shared. It would be interesting for the Arabic Learners. This video contains the alphabets plus some basic Arabic words, which I assume won't be hard to be understood.

Enjoy :)

انشودة الحروف طيور الجنة

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I think that those videos are very interesting since they teach Arabic alphabet in a very easy manner, and obviously those videos are made for young children but they can also be very important for people who want to learn Arabic as a second language.

What i like about the videos posted above is that they are easy to follow and not very complicated, even if they are going to seem a little bit hard for beginners but you will just have to give them more of your time so that they can be mastered.

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