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Challenge based learning project


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Okay, let me just say that the quality of the video was HORRIBLE!!! Now that that's out of the way, they make some of the same arguments I use when speaking about learning a second language. Here in New Mexico, out of the English speaking community, there are two different types of people. Those that embrace Spanish as a second language and learn or at least remember some key phrases. And then there are the "This is America dag nabbit. I shoudn't have to learn another language. Speak English or go back to your country" kind of people. All  can say is that life is so much easier knowing two languages. I'm currently working on three. And there are so many resources for us out there that are free!

I gotta say I could barely watch the video but I agree with it 100%!!!

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I am laughing.

This video wasn't the best, but horrible? I wouldn't describe it as that.

I get the point - learning another language is a good idea and for so many reasons.

Next time, the person who created the video probably just needs to use a better camera and audio, but at least the results didn't remind me of something gotten via a crappy cell phone camera.

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