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Learned vs Learnt


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I had this discussion with my husband, he was telling me how 'learnt' is not the right grammar and I had to point it to him that it's in the verb tenses word sheet. I found out that it's actually not commonly used in U.S other than outside North America though it's very common in British. Apparently 'learnt' appears only once for about every 500 instances of 'learned'. I found myself to use 'learnt' plenty of times due to how we were taught at school.

So my question to you guys is,

Do you use 'learned' or 'learnt' more?

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Beverly, you're absolutely right that both forms are correct.  In the U.S. "learned" is used much more often.  As I live in the U.S. I use "learned" almost exclusively both in writing and in speaking.  In fact, I can't remember using "learnt" unless in quoting.  I do like the looks and sound of "learnt," however, I just don't use it, mainly from habit and from being in the U.S. 

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