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  1. It has to be French for me ,I think mainly because I found European culture to be one of the most romantic as well. Just the city of France itself screams romance, how the guys speak ,the accent, etc. So because of that,in my mind they are more romantic. When I think of Asian, I'd think of 'cute' more than anything so the word romantic for the language just doesn't quite apply for me.
  2. I felt this way before I came to U.S but I knew I had to practice so my speaking would be better. So even though people would make fun of my accent,It didn't stop me. My husband helped me a lot. When I moved to U.S though I had different take on this whole accent thing. A lot of people actually told me 'I love your accent' so suddenly instead of being bothered with it,I just wore it loud and proud. Whenever a friend online wanted to talk to me,I'd tell them 'I have a thick accent just so you know' and they would be like 'Oh no worry,we don't care' because sometimes, when I talk too fast, people seem to have a hard time to understand me. When I get mad at my husband ,I started blur out some Chinese in the middle of throwing my English words out there :grin:
  3. I had this discussion with my husband, he was telling me how 'learnt' is not the right grammar and I had to point it to him that it's in the verb tenses word sheet. I found out that it's actually not commonly used in U.S other than outside North America though it's very common in British. Apparently 'learnt' appears only once for about every 500 instances of 'learned'. I found myself to use 'learnt' plenty of times due to how we were taught at school. So my question to you guys is, Do you use 'learned' or 'learnt' more?
  4. I was an English teacher since I was in Senior High School and I went to get my degree to teach English after I graduated. Though I never taught in other country,I've got a chance to teach people from China. My teaching experience had been great and I'd be first to say that if you plan to teach in other country,make sure you apply online before you go there. There's plenty of site where you could apply as English teacher and would get reply to teach there. The money might not be much but they provided a place for you to stay, take care of your visa and your ticket. It's a bad idea to go to the country and THEN try to haunt for the job. Find your call is what I'd always say. I know I don't like teaching in school because school in where I come from have more than 40-50 students meaning it's hard to keep in tab of who makes progress and who doesn't. I love courses where one class only has probably 20 students the most. My proudest moment was when I had my own beginner class where all my students were about 7 years old and knew nothing about English. From learning how to spell A to Z, they ended up being able to write short sentences or paragraphs. That's all my work and achievement. I was very proud of them. I've learnt that if you're from Asia, it's hard to apply as English teacher to other countries because most countries prefer people from country where English is their first language. I used to think it's cool if you're born in those countries because you can travel to teach English while vacationing. One year contract done with this country,move to another. I met someone who was 24 years old and had been to Thailand,China,Vietnam and One European country to teach English.
  5. http://www.gooddrama.net/drama-shows A Korean friend gave me this streaming site. A bunch of Hongkong,Chinese,Taiwanese,Japanese and Korean. That's where I watch all my Korean and Taiwanese dramas. I found this site is helpful for beginners who still need subtitles. Among my favorites are: Fated To Love You Meteor Garden of course.I watched all three versions from Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese My Lucky Star is by far my all time favorite. I watched this one TWICE. Lavender Magicians of Love Why Why Love For Hongkong Dramas,I've watched so many of them when I was younger so I didn't really bother to check it out on the sites since they have newer version. But these two are my favorites in the list Fly me To Polaris The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre I used to watch them in Mysoju.com but that site got shut down. So my friend gave me this one.
  6. "Epic" is one that I heard a lot either in online gaming, among friends and among younger crowd. Everything that is 'great', 'awesome', 'amazing', just gets summed up with that one word . 'That movie is so epic!' and when it's not great? they just add the word fail next to it. "Noob", "Newbie" is very common among the younger crowds especially who plays games. When I failed trying to do something, even my husband would be like 'Such a noob'. My favorite slang has always been 'Number two' and 'Drop the kids in the pool' as going to poo. I had no idea what it was until my husband told me "Be right back,I need to go do number 1' . I was like 'what does that mean?'. he told me 'It means you go to pee? and if u go to poo,then it's number 2'. I think the funniest thing was when he told our friends in Singapore that he's going to drop the kids in the pool, our friend was like 'I thought you don't have kids'. I said 'He meant he is going to poo' .He thought it was so amusing he used that as his broadcast on yahoo for a week.
  7. Yes and the first thing I'd do would be to take the language course. I've had relatives who did it and I remember one in particular was very discouraged when he moved to China. He had zero knowledge of the language and he had to take the Mandarin course. He kept sending me emails saying how he couldn't see himself being able to do it at all, it's so hard and that when people talked ,he felt so dumb just standing there not knowing anything. I kept encouraging him and supporting him and one thing I reminded him is to try to think ahead in a year or two, You'd know about the language a lot more and WILL be able to communicate because practice makes better. He's now graduating from his college and speaks the language fluently. I also worked with a teacher who came to my country to teach English. He's from Ireland and spoke zero of my language. Three years after staying there,he's very fluent with it. He flew back home with another language under his sleeve.
  8. I was intriqued with how some of the words have no space . I was kinda confused when I first got to the word 'musikinstrumente' where it's all in one word. For a second I thought it's a mistake because there's no space .Then I started to see more like 'Telefonnummer' and 'Kreditkarte'. 'Lebensmittevergiftung' was one of my favorite and was proud that I remembered that word since it looks so long then I see longer words :grin:
  9. This is the version that I like .It's like opera :grin: so if it's too old school, you can give Nicky Wu version a try. The reason why I preferred the old one was because I watched that version first. The tittle is Love Eterne 1967. Nicky Wu version is actually in you tube to watch. The Yangs warriors are famous for their loyalty, That version I linked you actually showed more of the males role and there were some TV Series that showed the females Of Yang clans. But I just really like that version of Warriors of Yang Clan 2005. If you just like drama with love story and some comedy ,you should check into Princess Pearl the first one. It was VERY popular back when I was in college. Wow I might re-watch this one lol . Let me know what you think of you Warriors Yang Clan. I powered through that one so fast :grin: Return of the Pearl Princess 还珠格格 1 - Episode 1 (English Subbed)
  10. I didn't read a lot of the old books but,I've watched a lot of the old tales mainly because my grandparents will play it a lot. My grandpa has the whole collection and we love the original version of the old tales more than the remake version. Journey of the west is also one of my favorite which I was happy to find them in Youtube [Zhang Jizhong] Journey to the West (2011) - Episode 1 Legend of the White Snake Legend is another one of my favorite . I also loved the original version of the Goddess of Mercy tales. The only remake of old tales that I actually enjoyed was The General of Yang Clans family. Growing up my parents would tell us the the tale so when I saw the TV serie was played by one of my favorite actor,I went ahead to give it a try before I moved to U.S. This is the version that I watched . I really love the song. I enjoyed Romance of Three Kingdoms book more than the TV series to be honest. the original movie of the butterfly lovers is so good. If you guys want to check it out, make sure you don't get the version where it's played by Nicky Wu. Thanks to You tube, every time I miss home,I can just run to it to find these old movies if not,I don't know how I am going to survive missing some stuffs from home :cry:
  11. I am a fast reader ,I think it's a lot to do with the fact that I grew up having to read subtitles a lot while watching movies. I remembered first time I had to do it, I couldn't catch up with the sentences. I'd always behind and missed it but after a while,I got a lot better. The problem with me is I can read out loud but it's like I'd read for the sake of reading it if something occupies my mind so I wouldn't even know what I was reading. I know for sure I am a fast reader compare to my husband's.
  12. This. Another thing I notice is the letter 'i' or 'e' which confuse them. In my language, 'i' is pronounce like 'e' in English. while 'e' can be pronounce like 'a'. So when they see the word 'sinar' ,they read it as 'senar' . Having to be able to roll their tongue with rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is also another problem or any word with 'c' since a lot of foreigners use 'c' as 'k' or 'ch' they'd read the word 'cantik' as 'khantik'.
  13. This happens to me where my husband would bring me to meet up his friends,coworkers and they'd whisper him 'does she speak English' and I'd say 'Yes I do'. I pretended I didn't speak my mother tongue when I stayed in a hotel with my date who was American. Why? the service was better if they thought you're foreigner because they'd try to get a lot of tips from you :punk:
  14. The slang. One day a friend of mine said 'Be right back I need to drop my kid in the pool'. I was like 'wait what!?!' . I told my husband and he was laughing and said 'he went to do number two'. Again, confused,he then said 'he went to shit ,hun'. OH OKAY.
  15. I HATE dubbing. A lot can get lost in dubbing. The joke, the sarcasm, the smirk, not to mention the words translation. Every time I watch Chinese movies and it got dubbed to English, I am like 'no..' because even the swearing is not the same at all yet in English they would just translate it as if the actors speak English. It's also weird to see the mouth moves with different words that supposed to come out from their mouth. A lot of the times, it got translated completely different. I always laughs when that happens. Like it's so far off. My husband prefers dubbed over sub because he said the words disappear quicker than he can possibly finish reading it and he said he wants to be able to watch the movie,not constantly reading the words under the screen. I told him I grew up with sub so I've never had a problem to watch what's going on at the same time reading it. I finished reading it quicker too. I noticed if you are used to reading sub, it makes a faster reader. You kinda have to especially those animes where they speak so fast and the words just disappear in couple seconds.
  16. My parents only care about 'bargain?' . Somehow they have it in their mind that other countries will let you bargain when you want to buy stuffs so.. I always ask if they speak English first .I personally think it's important to learn 'where is.....' .'Thank You'. I mostly try to find one word such as 'Taxi?' so they know right away if I want a taxi and will point me where to go to get a taxi. 'Airport' is another one.
  17. Yes. My brother speaks not a single word of English but he plays DOTA. If you are a fan of DOTA and DOTA2, You'd know there's a bunch of characters selections with a bunch of skills. He had to memorize all of those skills and what they did ,on top of that when he played with people, they communicated in English with him. He told me he got yelled at a lot at first because he'd have no clue what they were trying to tell him to do but now he got the basic with 'up' 'mid' 'bottom' ,'pull back', 'come here' , etc. I introduced him to another friend that plays the game so he can talk to him about it or asks questions. I was surprised that he managed to chat with him using GOOGLE translate. I was teasing him how he is a 'pro' now. He'd call him 'hey bro' ,something he had no clue what it even meant before.
  18. Yes because even certain kindergarten schools I used to work for, teach English through games and songs. We learned Mandarin solely from listening to music. That's why we could say the word and understood the word ,even sang the entire song when we karaoke with friends but couldn't really write the language. Song sometime has a story, so you don't even need to understand all of the words to grasp the meaning that its trying to sell you. By listening to music, you learn to pick up the message of one sentence without freaking out that you might not understand some words in there. Another thing to why listening to music comes in handy when it pairs with learning language is because if you like the songs,you most likely going to remember some of the words here and there. Just like the song 'GANGNAM STYLE'. The very least people will remember is the korean word 'Oppa'. You picked up something here and there because the music will stuck in your head. I even made up music for students who had a trouble memorizing some words. I told them to turn the vocabularies into a song. Sing it over and over and when you memorize the melody,you'd remember the words.
  19. I've used bacne couple times when I did my writing or posting somewhere . Meme has been popular so I am not surprised to see it in the list,I think they added Twerk and selfie lately in their online dictionary? . I thought it's weird they added 'srsly' as short for 'seriously'. I remember it used to drive me nuts when people wrote 'srsly??!?' or 'FO REALZ"
  20. This post reminds me of this article that I read lately http://dailynightly.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/09/08/20388506-technology-may-script-an-end-to-the-art-of-cursive-writing?lite . Check it out. It's an interesting article and I think it hit the mark. When I was at school,we had a 'writing class' where we had to write cursive writing and our teacher was so strict. It had to be precise and looked nice or she'd have you rewrite it. Some schools in my country still teach cursive writing to kids who just learn how to write alphabets. I always think cursive writing is a very sexy and beautiful writing.
  21. Learning English has got me my dream job which was wanting to be a teacher and I ended up teaching English. It also has helped me communicating with people all over the world since it's the most universal language. I've been able to connect with people all over the world and the most important, I am not scared to travel anywhere. My parents are scared to get on the wrong plane since they don't speak English at all,it's never been the case for me.
  22. I have a few. First would be 'Life is Beautiful' ,an Italian-comedy drama. It's really good. Second would be the Korean TV seri "My girl" and '200 pounds beauty' Korean drama. Third would be the Japanese Tv seri "Majo no jouken" .a story about a teacher who fell for her high school student. This movie actually got a lot of critics but I enjoyed the overall story. and I really like the picture http://takki.us/wp-content/uploads/2007/06/forbiddenlove1.jpg with the chain around their legs. Fourth would be Hindi movie "Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gam'. Indonesian movie "Ada Apa Cinta" Chinese movies would be too many to list but my all time favorite was all Jet lies movie basically. I watch a lot of korean tv series since the usually are not very long. 16 series and done with it.
  23. HA! that's the same as mine. Broccoli seem to be one that I always just use one 'c'. I always need spell check to correct it for me. Google is another one that I need spell check. I either type it with one 'o' and double 'g' or one 'o' with one 'g' then I'd be like 'hmm this doesn't look right'. Many times I'd type 'kitchen' instead of 'chicken' which I don't know why..but it happens.
  24. My favorite words of would be Sexy, Strawberry (for some reasons I always think this word is so beautiful on it's own), Avocado (it just sounds like a new word that rhymes from beginning to end), any words that end with 'ing' such as sing, thing, wing,etc and the word 'Angel' is also one of my favorite.
  25. anything that ends with 'table'...comfortable,acceptable,vegetable, my husband always teases me and go 'what table ,hun?' .I'd say the worst is those medicine...when you get older and need that stupid antibiotic amoxicillin or HYDROXYZINE..like how do you say that!
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