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How do I learn a language?


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I think talking with people in a language daily helps a lot with learning that particular language. You have to discipline yourself and make it a point to actually say the words though, and not get tempted to act it out or translate it into your own language. After a while of doing this regularly, you'll slowly get used to speaking and hearing the language without even noticing the effort, but of course at the start it will feel very tedious.

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I want to know how to learn a language effectively. How do I go about this. Should I get a book, watch movies, talk with people who speak the language I want to learn. You opinion is welcomed.

If you're interested in self-study there are some good tips here in this thread.  It is focused mainly on Spanish, but the tips, pointers, study methods and programs are useful for any foreign language study.


Overall, aside from learning basic grammar and vocabulary by whatever means you choose -- classroom, online learning, tutorials, etc. -- I think that immersion is very important.  Everything you mentioned would be helpful so as to have opportunities to use the language as you are learning it.

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You can start with YouTube! Seriously, that site is perfect for language learning. Then it's always best to practice with someone who speaks that new language you're trying to learn. Practice makes perfect remember? These are my tips so far.

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