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Opinions on Esperanto? Other aux. languages?


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I'm not sure for how long Esperanto has been out there just waiting for us to learn it.

I remember to having heard of it sometime in the 70s when people use to say this was going to be the universal language that would unify the word.

Don't remember too much because I was really young but from that early days to date, I have seen people talk about Esperanto and how easy it is, but I have not heard a single word in this language, nor found in my way an online site that teaches it.

There must be some, but not really what first comes in the search engines listings when you do a query for learning a second or amy other auxiliary language, if any.

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If you're interested in it, I'd definitely encourage you to pursue it.  Languages are great, as they open up opportunities to connect with other people.

I did a basic  google search about 5 months ago, when I was interested in it too and found many people that were speaking it and even conferences, where they meet up.

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Esperanto has been around for a while, I'm actually disappointed this language hasn't been very succesful... but at least it turned out to be even more succesful than the ''pangea'' one.  Sadly there aren't that many esperanto speakers around the world, at least not enough to make it a really influential one.  There are several institutions that are in charge to divulge and spread the word of the esperanto language!  Sadly this language needs far more diffusion, but isn't getting it.

I personally like the language, it was designed to be easy to learn by everyone who is eager to learn it and that's something you can't say about most languages we are all trying to learn right now ;)  I actually tried to learn it when I was younger... this language is a mix of several languages, and the conjugation of verbs is very easy. But I gave up too fast.

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