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  1. Hey! I'm looking for penpals all around the world to improve our language skills. We could talk via Facebook or Whatsapp
  2. TL: German NL: Swedish

    Hallo! Ich spreche Deutsch und kann dir helfen (I speak german and can help you) we can practice through facebook messenger. You could teach me some swedish that would be awesome!
  3. TL: German/ NL: Portuguese - Skype

    Oi! Posso te ajudar com teu alemão se você me ajudar com o meu português
  4. Hey! I'm a native spanish speaker. I speak also advanced german (could help you out with that) and je voudrais améliorer mon français!
  5. Posso te ajudar com o teu português! We could speak through facebook or whatsapp
  6. Ja natürlich! Ihr sollt auf alle Fälle das Lied "Deutschland" von "Die Prinzen" hören. Es ist super toll! Das Lied "Die schönste Zeit" ist auch super, aber ich kann mich zur Zeit an den Sänger nicht erinnern xD