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Word Counter Tool

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What is a Word Counter?

A word counter is a digital tool essential for writers, students, and professionals, designed to meticulously calculate the number of words in a provided text. Whether you’re penning an article, crafting a tweet, or drafting a research paper, understanding your word and character count is pivotal.


Word Counter and Character Count — SEO

A simple word counter can make for a vital SEO tool. 

Counting words for texts that are SEO optimized is crucial, as there are often word and character limits that need to be respected when writing texts, articles, headings, paragraphs, and so on. 

For example, when you write an article on your blog or website, the main title of your article should never go over 60 characters, including spaces. The reason for this is simply that Google will truncate your title in the Search Result Pages if you go over 60 characters. 

And this is certainly not something that you want because this will result in lower click-through rates to your website. 

Nobody wants to click on an article that does not display a full title. I am sure you would agree. 

Similarly, when optimizing a paragraph to win a Google Featured Snippet, you will always want to ensure the character count doesn’t exceed 300 characters. 

With our Word & Character Counter here on Linguaholic, you will never ever go over that limit because checking the character count of your paragraph is as simple as pasting your text in and then read the character count off the screen. 


PDF Word Counter

If you want to know how many words there are in your PDF file, feel free to use our FREE PDF Word Counter Tool!

Word Count: N/A


Excel Word Counter

Looking for an Excel Word Counter? Then you certainly came to the right place. Use our Free Online Excel Word Counter Tool to count all words in an Excel file, be it from Microsoft Word or Google Sheets. 

What’s more, with this counter, the total amount of words in a whole sheet is counted, and you will also get the total word count for each row and column at the same time!

Word Count (Whole Sheet): N/A
Row Word Count
Row Number Word Count
Column Word Count
Column Number Word Count


DOCX Word Counter

To calculate words in a .docx file, upload the file to our DOCX Word Counter. You will then immediately get the word count as well as the character count with spaces and the character count without spaces. 

After the upload, everything happens automatically. You won’t need to press on any other button at all. 

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