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Cover Letters

Cover Letters

A cover letter is a document which often precedes the resume on a job application. It is a brief 1-page introduction to who you are and what qualifications you hold. 

A good cover letter is tailored to each job, and includes the most relevant information about your skills and work history. It should tell an employer that you are a competent employee with a valuable skill set.

Cover letters may include:

  • Your name and contact information
  • The number of years you’ve worked in the field
  • Job-specific knowledge or qualifications
  • Reasons for wanting to work at the specific company
  • Why you are a good fit for the position

“But I already have that information on my resume… why include a cover letter?”

The frustration is understandable, because the process of sending out job applications is a sea of redundancy.

Cover letters are a way to introduce yourself before an employer reads your resume, and to highlight the specifics of why they should hire you.

This allows for your most impressive skills to be on their mind before they even begin to read your resume. An impressive cover letter may catch their eye, and get them to read your resume more thoroughly.

Here is a basic run-down of the differences between a resume and a cover letter. You should start to understand why cover letters can be a meaningful part of a job application.

A cover letter:

  • Tells an employer directly why you are a good fit for the job
  • Lets the employer decide whether or not you are a good fit based on work history
  • Includes a personalized introduction written to an employer
  • May include a technical summary of your work history and skills

A resume:

  • Allows for full descriptions of relevant projects and work history
  • Work history and projects limited to short bullet-points
  • May include personal information such as employment goals, reasons for applying, etc.
  • Rarely strays from skill or work-based information


When written correctly, a cover letter can give you a great leg-up on the competition. 

However, even the best job application is unlikely to succeed if your cover letter is not on point.

On this page you will find first-rate, easy-to-follow resources that will make your cover letter stand out. 

Whether you are writing a cover letter for an airline job or a bank job, Linguaholic has your back!

Read through our extensive catalogue of sample cover letters and templates and discover our top tips on how to write a cover letter for a job you have no prior experience in.

Whatever your situation, our detailed and accessible guides to writing a cover letter will help you put your best foot forward when applying for a job.  

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