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Cover Letter for a Bank Job with No Experience with Examples

Cover Letter for a Bank Job with No Experience with Examples

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If you’re looking for a job where you don’t need experience to get started but there is a lot of room to grow into an interesting and lucrative career, banking is a good place to start.

In fact, while many banks will require a bachelor’s degree for an entry-level position, at others, even a high-school diploma may be sufficient.

Whatever your educational qualifications or the requirements of the job, it can still be nerve-wracking to apply for a job when you don’t have any experience.

That’s why we’re going to walk you through the process of creating a cover letter for a bank job with no experience. A cover letter is the first impression that an employer has of you, so making it great is important.

Preparing to write a cover letter for a bank job with no experience

Since you don’t have direct experience with other bank jobs, you will need to think about the experience and qualities that you do have and how you might relate them to the requirements of the job.

First, you should take a look back at the job post itself and see if it names any specific qualities that a candidate should have, such as “detail-oriented.”

Next, you might want to do some research on banking jobs to give you an idea of the qualities and experience that could help a person succeed in this position.

Finally, you should think about the qualities that you need to be a good bank employee. Examples of these include:

  • detail-oriented
  • conscientious
  • trustworthy
  • good with numbers
  • organized

How to start a cover letter for a bank job with no experience

Your cover letter should follow standard business letter format. This is not the time to get creative!

This means that you should either have letterhead with your name and address on it or your letter should have your name and address at the top.

Under that will be the name of the person you are writing to, if you know it, their title, and the address of the company.

The job ad may include the name of the person you should write to and their title.

Your salutation should be businesslike, using the person’s name.

If you don’t know their name, use their position, such as “Dear Hiring Manager.” You can also use “To Whom It May Concern.”

Get right to the point in the first paragraph, stating the position that you are applying for.


What to put in the body of a cover letter for a bank job with no experience

In the body of the cover letter, you should highlight the points that you most want to bring attention to.

For example, if you were the treasurer of a club in school or took finance classes, this shows that you have some money-related or financial experience and knowledge.

If you have experience from another job that might help, you should also mention that.

Include any concrete examples of on-the-job success. For example, if you excelled by a certain percentage at your sales job, this is the place to highlight that.

If there are any special circumstances you need to explain, such as a resume gap, you can do that here as well.

However, you should keep this section brief. A cover letter should not be more than a page long, so just one or two paragraphs is usually sufficient for the body.

What to put in the conclusion of a cover letter for a bank job with no experience

This can be just a sentence or two. Basically, what you want to do is thank the reader for their time and make the mention of looking forward to hearing from them or to an interview.

You should have a formal conclusion. Stick with something neutral like “Sincerely” or “Best regards” and follow it with your full name.

How to write a cover letter for a bank job with no experience but a relevant college degree

Maybe you don’t have any banking experience, but you do have a college degree in finance, business or a related area. If this is the case, you should highlight your educational background although you should also mention any other relevant experience.

Sally Simmons
123 Oak Drive
Sunnyville, OH 11111
May 5, 2021
Alice Barnes
Hiring Manager
First Key Bank
99 Elm Street
Sunnyville, OH 11111
Dear Ms. Barnes,
I am writing in response to a job posting on the First Key Bank website for a teller. As a recent graduate of Sunnyville College with a degree in finance, I think I am an excellent candidate for this position.
During my last two years of college, I worked first as cashier and then assistant manager at Cathy’s Collectibles. This gave me experience in handling money and working with the public. I was also responsible for balancing the registers for the day on the nights when I closed. I am comfortable working with and being responsible for large sums of money.
As a finance major, I took classes in financial management, investment and portfolio management, and principles of banking among others.
I achieved a 4.0 grade point average in my major and graduated at the top of my class. As a member of Sunnyville College’s Women in Business club, I attended regular seminars and talks on succeeding in the business world, and I am eager to apply the knowledge that I have acquired to a banking position, where I feel it will be an asset.I am eager to discuss the position further. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.Best Regards,
Sally Simmons


How to write a cover letter for a bank job with no experience or related educational background

The writer of the letter below has a degree and some job experience, but in different areas. Notice how she makes an effort to show how her education and experience are still relevant to the job she’s applying for.

Fran Jones
456 Poplar Drive
Sunnydale, IL 99999
July 30, 2021
Hiring Manager
Sunnydale City Bank
1 Main Street
Sunnydale, IL 99999
Dear Hiring Manager:
I am responding to your job posting at the career office of my college campus for a bank clerk. I have three years of experience as an administrative assistant in a car dealership, and I have just completed my degree in English. I think my background in working with the public and my excellent communication skills would make a me an asset to Sunnydale City Bank.
In my position as administrative assistant at Sunnydale Motors, I actually took on a number of different jobs, including some bookkeeping and working with other financial records. I devised a more efficient filing system in my time there and occasionally even helped out with sales. As a bank teller, I can bring that same versatility and ability to learn quickly on the job.I am excited at the prospect of a long career with Sunnydale City Bank, and I am eager to hear more about the position. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience to arrange an interview.Sincerely,
Fran Jones


How to write a cover letter for a bank job with no experience and no college degree

Many jobs today require a bachelor’s degree as a matter of course even if you can acquire the necessary knowledge and training on the job.

However, this is not always the case, and if you have a high school diploma but no further schooling, you may still be able to get a bank job with no experience.

If you are taking classes that are relevant to the job, you should mention them in the cover letter.

Alec Brown
37 Lark Drive
Pleasantdale, CA 22222November 1, 2021
Pleasantdale Bank
47 Moneybanks Drive
Pleasantdale, CA 22222
To Whom it May Concern,

I am excited to send you my resume for the job of teller at Pleasantdale Bank. I graduated from high school this past spring and have been working at Billy’s Burgers, where I think my experience handling money and dealing with customers has prepared me well to assist banking customers. In January, I will begin working on my associate’s degree in banking at Pleasantdale Community College.

I am detailed-oriented, and I work well in stressful situations. I am also good with numbers. At Billy’s Burgers, I have learned the importance of making sure every transaction is accurate and that the customer goes away happy. I will bring this same level of conscientiousness to my work at the bank.

I am passionate about working in the banking industry, and I want to help carry out Pleasantdale Bank’s mission of becoming the top banking choice for the local community. I look forward to scheduling an interview with you soon.

Alec Brown


Here are some more examples of cover letters for people applying with no experience in the field: