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Business English

Business English

Email communication is a huge part of the modern working experience.

Hardly an hour goes by between 9 am and 6 pm when our phones and laptops aren’t pinging to let us know we’ve received a new email.

When you’re constantly communicating with so many people, it’s easy to start using the same phrases over and over again.

And when an email looks like every other one ever written, it is much less likely to get the attention it deserves.

If you want to write snappy, compelling, attention-grabbing business emails, you’ve come to the right place.

Linguaholic offers a whole range of articles on alternative ways to say common business English expressions.

Want to say “I am reaching out to you” in different words? We have you covered. Want to suggest to a colleague that you “touch base” later in the week, but are bored of that phrase? Again, no hassle, we’ve got you.

Scroll through Linguaholic’s extensive offering of articles on all things business English to become an expert at writing work emails.

The more effectively you learn to communicate your ideas in business English, the better your chances of professional success!

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