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16 Other Ways to Say “Keep me in the loop”

16 Other Ways to Say “Keep me in the loop”

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Despite having its roots in military communication, “keep me in the loop” has become quite of a useful phrase in business English too.

When someone says “keep me in the loop,” that person is asking you to give updates on whatever task, project, event, or activity you are doing.

Sometimes, though, we feel like this expression could become a bit inappropriate depending on the context of our conversation.

So, we have prepared other formal and casual alternatives to “keep me in the loop” that you can conveniently choose from.

Let’s start by shortly getting to know better the exact meaning and semantics of “keep me in the loop.”


What is meant by “keep me in the loop”?

“Keep me in the loop” is a widely used business expression that suggests the same meaning as “keep me posted,” “keep me updated,” or “keep me informed.” We can make this expression more formal by saying “Please inform me about x in the future” and more casual by saying “Let me know how it goes.”


Other ways to say “Keep me in the loop”

  1. Please inform me about…in the future.
  2. In the future, please do let me know about…
  3. Please keep me updated…
  4. Please keep me up to date…
  5. Please keep me informed about…
  6. Please notify me…
  7. Please keep me in mind…
  8. Please get back to me…
  9. Please keep me posted.
  10. I look forward to hearing from you again.
  11.  Let’s touch base…
  12.  Let me know how it goes.
  13.  Feel free to let me know…
  14.  Just bring me up to speed…
  15.  Feel free to ping me…
  16.  Just give me a heads up…


The meaning and background of “keep me in the loop”

Idiomatic or native-like in sense, “keep me in the loop” simply means “give me future updates,” “keep me informed,” or “keep me posted.”

The notification or update that we need to provide is related to the context of our existing discussion, which is mostly task, event, or plan-related.

Schedule changes, project developments, task clarifications, and event cancellations are some of the most common updates we need to expect.

Upon seeing this message in emails, or even hearing it from others, all we have to expect doing is to notify the other person about any future updates.

Most of the time, we get to see “keep me in the loop” at the end or towards the end of email messages, if not in spoken conversations.

Here’s an example for your reference:


Dear Ryan, 

Thank you for giving me these task updates. Please don’t forget to keep me in the loop for any future changes and developments.


Best regards,




“Keep me in the loop” suggests a neutrally casual tone, which also works very well in formal exchanges within the academic and business contexts.

As long as we are relatively familiar with the person we are dealing with, or at least have interacted with them a couple of times, this expression should bode nicely.

Giving updates is utterly essential in business contexts because it keeps transactions smooth-sailing and systematic – but you definitely know that already.

What you must be looking for are different formal or casual alternatives to “keep me posted” that would fit the kind of conversation you are in.

Enough said, let us now go over a number of formal and casual ways to say “keep me in the loop” in email exchanges.


Formal alternatives to “keep me in the loop”

The formal language register is the default style we need to use when communicating in business and academic contexts.

Using formal language suggests cautiousness and respect towards others. This act is important in keeping healthy business relationships going.

We do this to maintain good working relationships with the people we interact with. In other words, using formal language puts us in a “safe zone” in the business world. 

Since “keep me in the loop” could meanwhile be interpreted as neutrally casual, here are some more polite ways to express the same intent:


Please inform me about…in the future…

This expression is great because it is quite flexible. We can add phrases like “any developments,” “any progress,” or “any changes” within it.

We can apply this expression pattern particularly when we are dealing with someone we consider an authority figure.


Dear Kaia,


Thank you for the update. Please inform me about any developments in the future regarding this project.


Thank you.


Kind regards,




In the future, please do let me know about…

Another nice and cautious way of letting someone know we want to hear from them again is “In the future, please do let me know about…”

We can use this expression, for example, when people inform us about a task they have accomplished, just like in the next example:


Dear Angela,


Thank you for coordinating with Mr. Johnson on this matter. In the future, please do let me know about any changes and developments.


Warm regards,

Paul Smith


Please keep me updated…

“Please keep me updated…” is a great phrase to use in formal contexts because of its clear and simple meaning.

This easy-to-understand form of language is best used when interacting with non-native speakers of English because it is free from ambiguities.


Dear Ashton,


This is to confirm the receipt of your initial report. I will review this within the week and let you know soon. Please keep me updated on any further changes and progress in your research.


Thank you in advance.


Best regards,

Patrick Levinson


Please keep me up to date…

“To keep someone up to date” also means “to keep someone in the loop.” This expression is also a great email closer.

This expression works, for example, after addressing someone’s concerns or clarifications about a task through email.

More particularly, we can use this to check whether the other person has understood our explanation, such as in the example below:


Dear Yva,


Thank you for asking those questions. I have already answered your concerns in the excel sheet. Should anything else comes up, kindly let me know anytime. Also, please keep me up to date with your progress as we go along.


Thank you in advance.


Kind regards,




Please keep me informed about…

Another nice and direct way of asking for future updates is through the expression “Please keep me informed about…”

With this expression’s clear and concise wording, we can avoid misinterpretations from English speakers with varied proficiency levels.


Dear Camila,


I sincerely appreciate the initial feedback you have provided. Please keep me informed about the status of my application. Should you need any other information, please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime.




Celine Campbell


Please notify me…

Direct, formal, and short at the same time, “Please notify me…” is another way of conveying “keep me in the loop.”

Practically enough, using this future-update prompt is great because of its space-saving characteristic.

We can use this, for instance, when directly informing someone to let us know once they are done with whatever task they are assigned.


Dear Tracy,


Thank you for this update. This is to confirm that your deadline extension request has been officially approved. Please notify me once you have completed the task.


Best regards,




Please keep me in mind…

“Please keep me in mind…” simply suggests the meaning “remember me.” Hence, this expression breathes subtlety when it comes to prompting updates.

As this is the case, it is best to reserve this expression for rather sensitive instances, such as job rejections.


Dear Rebecca,


Thank you for your prompt response. I clearly and humbly understand the company’s decision. Please keep me in mind for any other relevant job openings in the future.




Alice Schwarts


Please get back to me…

Leaning towards the friendlier side of formal language use, “Please get back to me…” can also be used in place of “Keep me in the loop.” 

We can use this expression when softly asking someone to finish their task for an extended amount of time, either directly or indirectly.

For setting straightforward deadlines, we can use “Please get back to me by the end of x,” where “x” stands for a countable period like “day,” “week,” or “month.”

Meanwhile, to soften the prompt, we can use “Please get back to me at your convenient time.”


Dear Jessie,


This is to inform you that your request for an extension for the submission of your lacking requirements has been approved. Please get back to me by the end of the month.


Kind regards,




Please keep me posted.

As has been introduced early on, “Please keep me posted” is also another great way of expressing “Keep me in the loop.”

The addition of the polite marker “please” particularly makes the expression more formal. This can then be used for asking someone to provide updates respectfully.

In case you are also the one who needs to provide relevant updates, you can simply say or write “I will keep you posted” to your message receiver.


Dear Alvin,


Thank you for your preliminary investigation report. I will review this soon and provide feedback within the week. Please keep me posted for future updates on this matter.


Thank you very much.






I look forward to hearing from you again.

Last but not least among the formal alternatives, “I look forward to hearing from you” is also a nice future-update prompt to use.

This expression is relatively more formal than “I am looking forward to hearing from you” because of the simple present tense used.

On a side note, the formal tone of “I look forward to hearing from you” may also be reduced by changing it to “Looking forward to your reply” in email writing.


Dear Harvey,


Acknowledging receipt of your documents. I look forward to hearing from you again about the remaining requirements by the end of the month. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out anytime.


Warm regards,



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Casual alternatives to “keep me in the loop”

In reality, being too formal may not necessarily work all the time. This is because, at some point, we eventually get closer to the people we work with.

When this happens, the use of polite language may also come off as borderline pretentious. This could also pose harm to already-established relationships.


So, here are some casual alternatives to “Keep me in the loop” that you could also conveniently choose from:


Let’s touch base…

“To touch base” with someone means “to connect or reconnect” with someone, mostly briefly, to discuss updates.

So, we can also say “Let’s touch base on x…” if we want to say “Keep me in the loop” in a more casual manner.


Hi, Phoebe.


I’m just checking in on your tasks. I have seen the progress you’ve made through the excel sheet. Thank you for that. When you have the time within the week or the next, let’s touch base on some of the important details about the project.






In the example email above, “I’m just checking in” simply suggests the meaning “I wanted to follow up…” on a specific task or activity.


Let me know how it goes.

Another casual way of saying “Keep me in the loop” is “Let me know how it goes.” This expression works really well when exchanging emails with someone we are familiar with.

More particularly, we could make use of this expression after someone confirms his or her understanding of a task or project instruction.


Dear Sylvia,


Thanks for confirming your understanding of the tasks. Let me know how it goes, and feel free to ask any questions or clarifications along the way. We could also jump on a quick call within the day if any of the instructions are unclear.






Feel free to let me know…

Used within email exchanges between people who are quite in a friendly state, “Feel free to let me know…” is also a great alternative for “Keep me in the loop.”

Mostly used within instruction-giving scenarios, this nice future-update phrase works really well after receiving confirmatory messages.


Hi, Ronnie.


I hope this email finds you well. I have already sent you the instructions for your task this week. If anything is unclear, feel free to let me know anytime.






Just bring me up to speed…

Another expression with a cheerful connotation is “Just bring me up to speed…” We can also conveniently use this to prompt future clarifications or suggestions from someone.

If one is “up to speed” with any form of activity or discussion, that person has the most recent information and is doing good at it.


Dear Cory,


I have already uploaded my initial analysis of the last data set. Just bring me up to speed if you have any clarifications or other suggestions on it.


Kind regards,




Feel free to ping me…

Mostly used between or among colleagues who work closely with each other, “Feel free to ping me…” is also another great casual phrase to use in business settings.

“To ping” someone simply means to send a short message or notification about a task or activity that is relative to the existing context of the conversation.


Dear Elen,


Thanks for sending your initial wedding plan. I will review it as soon as possible. If you need any further changes, feel free to ping me anytime.






Just give me a heads up…

Finally, “Just give me a heads up…” is also another nice and friendly expression to use in update-related conversations.

“To give someone a heads up…” suggests exactly the same meaning as “to give someone an update.”


Dear Remy,


Thank you for the updates. You can have until Friday next week to finish everything. Just give me a heads up once you’re done.


Warm regards,




Frequently Asked Questions on “Keep Me in the Loop”


How can we use “keep you in the loop” in email writing?

To use “keep you in the loop” in email writing, we can say “I’ll keep you in the loop for future updates” or “We’ll keep you in the loop about any update.” This expression simply suggests the meaning “to provide relevant updates about a task or event.”


What is a synonym for “in the loop”?

“In the know,” “aware,” “clued-up,” and “guided” are close synonyms for the idiomatic phrase “in the loop.” 


What is the meaning of “thanks for keeping me in the loop”?

“Thanks for keeping me in the loop” means “thank you for keeping me posted” or “thank you for keeping me updated.” This gratitude message is useful for appreciating someone’s gesture of providing updates at his or her will.



No matter what kind of business setting we are in, it is needless to say that we need to provide updates to our associates.

So, knowing alternative expressions to update prompts like “keep me in the loop” is not only useful – it also makes communications clearer and processes smoother.