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Comma Rules

Comma Rules

To use a comma or not to use a comma, that is the question.

Are you firing off a round of emails to important business contacts and aren’t quite sure whether you are missing a comma, or whether you have included one where you shouldn’t have?

There is nothing more unfortunate than a misplaced comma when it matters most.

Instead of just hitting send and hoping for the best (or hovering your cursor over the “Send” button endlessly), let Linguaholic do the hard work for you.

Are you wondering whether to put a comma after “during this time”?

Or are you scratching your head about why some people put a comma after “best regards” and others don’t?

Whatever your comma-rules-related question, search it on our site and let us help you!

Placing a comma where it shouldn’t be, or forgetting to put it where it is supposed to be could lead to miscommunication.

In writing, knowing when and where to place commas precisely is not only an excellent and crucial skill to have – it makes communication a lot more efficient.

Don’t worry, though. Linguaholic is here to help!

On this page, you will find our most important comma rules articles, along with the most popular comma articles and the latest posts in this category. 


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