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About Us

Dear Linguaholics

It’s me, Marcel. I started Linguaholic about 10 years ago because language had always fascinated me. It all started when I studied translation in Winterthur, Switzerland. When I went on holiday to Asia and by chance landed in China, I was immediately enthusiastic about the Chinese characters. This magical attraction of Chinese characters and the impossibility to communicate with the people in China finally led me to study further in Switzerland: The study of Sinology.

For me, the love of language and linguistics is an eternal love. That’s why I called Linguaholic into being: A platform where linguaholics can talk to each other, philosophize about language and bring their linguistic questions to the table.

Linguaholic today consists of a language forum and a blog. In the Linguaholic blog I write about exciting linguistic topics and write reviews on interesting and useful language-relevant apps and software.

Linguaholic is a matter close to my heart. No more, no less.

Thank you all very much for being part of this movement!

Iseli International Commerce (Sole Proprietorship) 2019
Commercial Register Entry: CHE-135.504.201