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Thank You Notes for Physical Therapist — Full Samples & Tips

Thank You Notes for Physical Therapist — Full Samples & Tips

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Professionals do many things for us that make our lives easier.

From doctors to teachers, restaurant servers to repair people and more, professionals make our lives healthier and more pleasant.

It’s always nice to say “Thank you” or even “thank you kindly to these professionals.

You might think that since they are paid to help you as part of their job, you don’t necessarily need to extend a special thanks to them.

However, sometimes you want to thank them for going the extra mile for you and let them know that it really helped them.

This could be the case with a physical therapist, who may have worked with you to get rid of pain or helped you get back to doing an activity that you love.

This article will help you figure out how to write a thank-you note to your physical therapist.


Tips for writing a thank-you note to a physical therapist

Different types of letters and notes require different conventions. You may know how to write a condolence letter, but you wouldn’t use those same conventions to write a resignation letter due to a better opportunity.

There are a few general tips that you should keep in mind when writing a thank you note.

It should be written on a card or on a nice piece of small, formal stationery.

You may rarely write anything by hand, but a thank you card should not be printed out on a computer.

If you think your handwriting is hard to read, just try to write carefully.

The point is not to impress the recipient with the beauty of your handwriting but to show that you went to some extra trouble to write the note by hand.

If you’re not used to writing letters, you might want to first type or write the note so that you know exactly what you want to say.

Then you can recopy it onto the nice card or stationery.

The note should be a short one, no more than around 10 or so sentences, and it might be much shorter than that.

Basically, the note should be to the point, but there are a few details you may want to include based on your situation.

Your tone should not be extremely formal, but it should not be super casual either.

Think of the tone of this note as being like when you dress in business casual clothes. It’s not business formal attire like you might wear to meet an important client, but you’re also not dressed for a barbecue.


Things to write in a thank you card for your physical therapist

Here’s a quick outline of what should go in your letter. We’ll expand on each part more extensively below.

First, you should open with a greeting, and then thank the physical therapist for helping you.

Next, go into some detail about specifically what they did that was so helpful. Explain how this affected you.

To end your letter, you may want to reiterate your thank you.

You might also want to mention that you will refer other people to them. Then, sign off in an appropriate way.


How to begin a thank you note for your physical therapist

You don’t need any kind of formal heading for this note since it is not business correspondence.

You should begin the note by writing “Dear” followed by whatever you call your physical therapist.

If you use their first name when you talk to them, use that here.

Thank them in the first sentence. Here are a couple of ways you could do that:

“I just wanted to thank you for helping me get over my back injury.”
“Thank you so much for all the work you did with me over the last few months.”


What to put in the body of your thank you note to your physical therapist

Being specific about what the therapist did to help you or exactly what the result were for you helps to show your appreciation and lets them know exactly why you’re grateful.

In some ways, this is the most important part of your note because it’s where you make sure that this is not just another generic thank you.

It can be very rewarding for a physical therapist to hear how they have helped you return to activities that you enjoy or daily tasks that you need to be able to complete.


How to end a thank you letter to your physical therapist

It’s always a good idea to reinforce your thank you by saying it again at the end of a letter like this.

This is also a great time to tell them that you will be happy to pass their name on to friends and colleagues who are looking for a physical therapist.

Finally, you need a sign-off that provides just the right note. As is the case with the rest of the note, it can’t be too formal or too casual.

“Sincerely” sounds too businesslike, but you also don’t want to be too casual or familiar. You might also use “yours truly” in a business context, but it doesn’t sound quite right for this kind of note.

Something like “My very best” works, or you can even another use another “Thank you” here.


Proofreading your thank you letter to a physical therapist

When you write an email or a letter on your computer that you can print out, it’s easy to change things around and make corrections.

This isn’t the case with a handwritten note, so you should write it out ahead of time either on a computer or a piece of paper, whatever you are most comfortable with.

This gives you the opportunity to revise your note without wasting the nice card or stationery that you have for the occasion.

Once you have written out the note the way that you want it, you need to proofread it twice.

First, proofread it before you start writing it on the card or stationery. Reading it out loud can help you catch any awkward phrasings or errors.

Proofread it a second time once you’ve written it out on the card.

You can cross out and correct any minor mistakes that you may have made, but if you make a big error, such as leaving out a sentence, you may want to start over.

Thank You Note for Physical Therapist


Sample thank you letter to a physical therapist (Example 1)

Below is a fairly straightforward example of a message you could write to your physical therapist.

Dear Stella,
Thank you so much for helping me regain my ability to walk again after my stroke. I’ve always been such an active person, and it was a real shock to find myself in that situation. Your good humor and upbeat attitude really helped me keep trying even when I felt discouraged.
Thank you again for all that you did for me. I really don’t think I would have had such a full recovery without you.
Warmest regards,


Sample thank you letter for physical therapy (Example 2)

You might also want to thank a physical therapist on behalf of someone else, usually a family member. In this case, it’s a parent writing on behalf of their daughter.

This is an example of a note that’s a little bit longer, but notice that it is still focused on the main idea of explicitly thanking the physical therapist for his help.

Dear Mark,
I just wanted to thank you for all the work that you did with Marisol after the car accident. I know it’s not always easy to work with kids, especially stubborn ones like Marisol who are in a lot of pain! But you remained so patient. In the end, you really inspired her to keep trying.
Thanks to all your hard work, she’s got a full range of motion again. Not only that, but she’s started running cross country at school. You’d never know that she faced so many physical challenges just a year ago. While of course her full recovery was because of her hard work, I don’t think she would have been so motivated without your help.
You really did make a difference in her life. I can’t thank you enough for everything that you did.
My very best,
Sasha Brown


Example 3 of a thank you note to a physical therapist

In the two examples above, both patients had a full recovery.

Of course, this isn’t always possible, but you may still want to write a thank you note to your physical therapist.

Dear Martin,
Thank you so much for working with me over these past eight weeks. I’ve seen so many improvements in my mobility and my pain even though I’m not quite at the level I hoped to be at yet.
I’ll continue to do the exercises you suggested because they do bring me a lot of relief. You have been so compassionate over the past two months, and it’s really made a big difference to me to just be able to talk to someone who could understand the challenges I was facing. I’ve been doing some cycling, swimming and other low-impact exercises as well as you suggested.
I will absolutely refer anyone having similar issues to you in the future.
Thanks again,