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“As per our conversation” in Business Correspondence

“As per our conversation” in Business Correspondence

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You have been handling a project for a long time, which means you have already established rapport with some important people who are directly involved with the project.

Somewhere along the way, one of your key counterparts resigned from their post. As a result, that person’s tasks get handed over to another individual, including communication.

As you go about your usual correspondence, things could get a bit complicated if you don’t know how to quote previous conversations, especially those involving special arrangements.

So, today, we’ll walk you through the expression “as per our conversation” — a trump card that you could play when you need to present some proof of agreement to the other party.


What does “as per our conversation” mean?

“As per our conversation” is an expression used in referring back to a piece of information or agreement tackled in a previous discussion or correspondence. We can further increase or decrease its formality level by saying “If I may refer to our previous conversation” or “As we talked (about),” respectively.


Contextualizing “As per our conversation”

Whether you say “as per your request” or “as per my instructions,” using such kinds of expressions simply boils down to their equivalent, “as per our conversation.” 

Acronymized as “APOC,” this passive-aggressive business English phrase is known for its inarguable benefit in recalling and clarifying previously-discussed information.

Albeit superficially innocent, “as per our conversation” meanwhile contains an assertive connotation that may imply some degree of annoyance from its user.

This expression also carries a neutral to formal tone that is suitable for business correspondence, as well as in discussions with those people with whom we share professional relationships.

Other practical business English expressions include “I regret to inform you that” and “I am writing to inquire about,” which are commonly used as email openers.

In a nutshell, using “as per our conversation” is especially great for reminding someone of a piece of detail that they might have forgotten along the way, especially something involving changes and adjustments in agreements.

However, this may otherwise come across as slightly authoritative when you are corresponding with someone unfamiliar with the overall context and the specific details you’re referring to.

Hence, having a little patience would likely balance out the professional relationship between you and your counterpart if and when you are put in this kind of situation.


Grammatical background on  “As per our conversation”

Pedantically speaking, the adjacent use of “as” and “per” is grammatically superfluous because you are dealing with a double-prepositional construction here.

“Per usual” is also frequently used in business correspondence as a replacement for “as always” or “as usual,” which might also give you additional inputs regarding our topic today. 

Actually, “as” and “per” are prepositions that work pretty well individually; both of these words mean “according to” or “in light with” that can be used as anaphoric tools to refer back to some entity or idea.

However, while you can conveniently say “per our conversation,” using “as our conversation” alone would also be grammatically incomplete.

Therefore, going for either the widely-used “as per our conversation” or the grammatically accurate “per our conversation” should always be a better option.

When you are involved in formal discussions, linguistic competence and flexibility make you appear more of an authority figure, thereby prompting the people around to respect you more.

So, we have dedicated the next several sections for synonyms, alternatives, and variations for “as per our conversation” to help you improve your professional identity.


Synonyms for “As per our conversation”

Having a bunch of synonyms in your linguistic repertoire not only improves your lexical flexibility. Meanwhile, it also helps you get rid of feeling robotic or formulaic.

“As per our conversation” occurs a lot in business correspondence, just like the phrase “for your convenience” and “I apologize for the inconvenience.”

Without further ado, please see the list below to get to know five practical synonyms for “as per our conversation” together with example sentences.


As per our correspondence

“As per our correspondence” intra-translates to “according to our formal written discourse,” which works in formalistic situations.

Although “conversation” is synonymous with “correspondence,” the latter specifically refers to the “written” communication with another person or group of people.

So, use this only if you are referring to a written conversation, such as email or letter exchanges, as well as other types of electronic messages.


As per our correspondence, I am forwarding the building plan and the building lease to you for your reference. Please see the attached files for these documents.


As per our discussion

On the other hand, “discussion” leans more toward a spoken conversation aiming to exchange ideas that happened anytime in the past.

Hence, use this if you are pointing out an agreement or piece of information that was tackled in a meeting, class, or phone conversation, for instance.


As per our discussion in class last week, you were only allowed to submit this work until five o’clock in the afternoon yesterday.


As we discussed

The presence of the plural subject pronoun “we” in “as we discussed” suggests having more emphasis on the agents involved in the expression.

So, use this one when you want to explicitly remind your addressee that since they physically took part in the discussion, they must be able to remember the information that you want to share.


As we discussed, you are supposed to keep all communications via the institutional learning platform or email only. I would appreciate it if you could send any concerns through these modes of communication next time.


Per our agreement

Using “per our agreement” puts more emphasis on the mutual understanding or consensus between or among the messenger and the target recipient(s).

Therefore, use this one to refer to any changes or adjustments in your contract with the other party, such as pricing or policies.


Per our agreement, you are supposed to pay your flat rental every 20th of the month with an additional grace period of 5 days.


Per our meeting

“Per our meeting” can be used to refer to information discussed during a virtual or actual meeting in the past.

So, do not use this expression to quote an exchange of ideas via email or any other written discourse. 


Per our meeting on August 23, 2021, we agreed to take one representative from each department to host our monthly environmental talks.


Alternatives for “As per our conversation”

Now, let’s also go over some alternative expressions that we can use instead of “as per our conversation” in formal and casual contexts.

Here they are:


Formal Alternatives for “As per our conversation”

Tact and civility is an invisible norm that exists especially in the business world.

Thus, knowing and being able to use gratitude expressions like “thank you for your cooperation” or its alternatives should always come in handy in interacting with people around.

Since we are focusing on the phrase “as per our conversation” today, here are formal replacements that are applicable in written discourses, such as in email correspondence.


If I may refer to our previous conversation

Being the most formal alternative, “If I may refer to our previous conversation” demonstrates sensitivity, thoughtfulness, and politeness toward the addressee.

You can use this in situations where you would want to lessen the assertive connotation of your objection or criticism that could easily be misinterpreted by your addressee.


If I may refer to our previous conversation, we both agreed to take turns in reviewing the monthly sales report of Branch XY.


In accordance with our agreement

“In accordance with our agreement” is another formal alternative that emphasizes the idea that a consensus has been reached by both parties involved.

You may use this when referring to a contract adjustment that involves time, money, effort, and other sensitive information.


In accordance with our agreement, you failed to abide and comply with the project timeline stated in the contract. 


In agreement with our discussion

Thirdly, you can use “In agreement with our discussion” when you want to refer back to a verbal exchange of information and ideas, such as over the phone or in a virtual meeting.


In agreement with our discussion, you are expected to submit your requirements on or before September 8, 2021.


Casual Alternatives for “As per our conversation”

If there are formal ways to say “as per our conversation,” casual alternatives to the expression also exist.

Use these casual substitutes when you are talking about trivial matters with people who are relatively close, such as long-time colleagues, friends, and family members.


As we talked (about)

“As we talked (about)” is mainly applicable when recalling a spoken conversation because of the presence of the verb “to talk.”

But since a lot of our conversations do take place virtually these days, you may also use this when referring to an exchange of information via online messaging platforms.

Just remember to make sure that you are on the same page with your addressee in the sense that he or she will not misinterpret what you mean.


So, as we talked about, our high school reunion will be postponed because not everyone likes the venue.


Like we talked

Another casual alternative that you can use is “like we talked” which denotes a similar meaning to “as we talked (about).”

Hence, feel free use this either in a spoken context or online conversations with your intimates too.


Like we talked, you are not allowed to go on a date until you’re eighteen.


Like we discussed

Although the verb “to discuss” bears a more formal connotation than “to talk,” it is still possible to use this in casual conversations.

You can use “like we discussed” when you are dealing with a slightly more serious topic with your intimate connections.


Like we discussed, I’m really hoping that you’d start thinking more about yourself and less about your ex.


Variations for “As per our conversation”

As subtle nuances may also cause particular shifts in meaning and implication of expressions, knowing some variations to “as per our conversation” is also essential.

This is also true with expressions like “give my regards” and “in contrast” wherein the slight addition or removal of a word may already alter the implication of the message.

Here are some ways in which “as per our conversation” may vary in usage:


 As per our conversation earlier

When you say “as per our conversation earlier,” you are likely referring to something that occurred within the day unless you add further temporal details to your statement.


As per our conversation earlier, you will be given a pro-rated incentive every time you reach your daily quota.


As per our last conversation

You are referring to the latest conversation you’ve had with your addressee when you are using “as per our last conversation” rather than something that occurred a long time in the past.



As per our last conversation, everyone is prohibited from lingering in the office without filing an overtime request in advance.


As per our conversation via …

Using “as per our conversation via …” is something you would use to specify the communication platform you used with your addressee, such as email, phone, or online messaging applications.



As per our conversation via email, you agreed to give me a two-day leeway in submitting the revised floor plan.


Frequently Asked Questions on “As per our conversation”


Is it correct to say “as per our conversation”?

“As per our conversation” is less grammatically accurate than “per our conversation” because the prepositions “as” and “per” already denote similar meanings. However, many people still use “as per our conversation” these days to be extra polite.


Should there be a comma after “as per our conversation”?

Yes, a comma should come after “as per conversation” everytime it is used as an introductory expression in a sentence.


What does “pursuant to our conversation” mean?

“Pursuant to our conversation” bears the connotation of legal language use that simply means “according to our conversation” or “as per our conversation.



Being equipped with flexible vocabulary and sentence-structure know-how allows us to communicate effectively in various contexts.

So, please don’t hesitate to visit our site again for more of these topics. See you soon!