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Brewing Your Future: A Novice’s Guide to Crafting an Irresistible Barista Cover Letter

Brewing Your Future: A Novice’s Guide to Crafting an Irresistible Barista Cover Letter

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Have you always got the hots for a morning dose of caffeine and rubbing shoulders with the most creative people on the planet?

If this is you, then you can be an awesome barista candidate – the person responsible for fueling the minds of music artists and writers alike.

By the way, did you know research suggests that ambient noise and physical movements in coffee shops have the power to increase people’s creativity?

Hence, many great songs and books have actually been written inside cafes! This is the unnoticed relevance of human coffee makers in the world.

But, before you land a job as a barista, you need to undergo the application procedures first, which entails writing a compelling cover letter, especially if you haven’t had any previous job experience.

So, let’s now walk through the steps that would make your dream job come true.


How can we write a barista cover letter if we have no experience?

To write a no-experience-barista cover letter, we must highlight our key skills, accomplishments, relevant knowledge, and interest in the job role. Using and maintaining a polite and enthusiastic, yet assertive, tone throughout the paragraphs is also highly recommended.


The details you can highlight in a no-experience-barista cover letter

A Female Barista in a Coffee Shop

Always bear in mind that you can always become a barista despite not having any previous experience in latte art (although having one would make things easier).

To do this, you just need to perfect the art of application procedures such as writing cover letters and resumes; needless to say that you also need to impress the manager or owner during your interview.

The first step is to know the purpose of a cover letter, which apparently is to effectively introduce and sell yourself to the hiring personnel.

If you’ve got no previous, relevant job experience at all, understanding what counts as work experience in a resume would also help you move your needle further.

In writing a cover letter, your one-oh-one is to follow the three-step guide explained below.

If you’re not in a hurry, please spare some time cautiously reading each subsection to squeeze all the juices in this kind of cover letter writing.


Introduction: Sell yourself

Like any other formal text, you would always need to start with an introduction that would pretty much summarize the entire content of your message, or at least the gist of it.

In writing the introductory paragraph for an entry-level barista position cover letter, the formula is to start with a formal greeting, explain the letter’s purpose, and end with the reason why you should get hired.

It’s as simple as that.

Here’s how you can structure your statements:

Example: Introduction

I hope you are having a productive day, Mr./Ms. Hiring Manager. Your job post on the entry-level Barista position on Craigslist immediately caught my attention and interest. My long-term love for morning coffee, education and experience in hospitality management, and propensity for working in an agile work environment have led me to apply for this opening.


Body: Support your claim

Since your intro only allows your hiring personnel to have a glimpse of your worth as a person, the body part should be structured in such a way that it supports your initial claims in utmost detail.

Because of your lack of previous professional experience, you can emphasize your relevant achievements and soft skills that would prompt the manager or owner to shortlist your application.

You can do this by highlighting your undergraduate degree, academic research, awards, training programs, internships, and all other relevant experiences.

Make sure, though, that you are not simply repeating the information stated in your resume so as not to waste the reader’s time and effort.

However, let me just highlight the fact that an internship on a resume should always be listed down because this is any student’s closest experience to real-world exposure.

Here, you should be able to put a barista’s key qualities in the spotlight, which include schedule flexibility, customer service skills, and physical capabilities.

As a barista, you may also be tasked to man the cash register, so some basic accounting know-how would also help.



Apart from the fact that I’ve been brewing coffee for my family and friends for the last decade, I am confident that I can do this job because I also hold relevant professional experiences in my hotel internship, as well as being a student council treasurer before.

In my four years studying Hospitality Management at the University of Nevada, I have acquired excellence in customer service, knowledge in health and safety regulations, and the ability to effectively balance being a full-time student and a student council treasurer. Last summer, I also took part in a 200-hour internship at Silver Legacy Resort Casino that helped me hone my multitasking, detail orientation, and rapport-building skills. To help you reach a positive decision, my key achievements, skills, and characteristics are listed below:

  • I am a Best Thesis Nominee for my undergraduate research titled “The Subtle Art and Hard Science of Verbally De-escalating Agitated Customers”
  • I have been consistently awarded Perfect Attendance certificates for which I was given weekly incentives throughout my internship at Silver Legacy Resort Casino.
  • I am adept in customer de-escalation processes, basic financial accounting, as well as written and oral communication skills.


Conclusion: Summon an interview

Last but not least, you have to conclude your letter in the most polite yet assertive manner possible.

And, what do I mean by that?

In a nutshell, you simply have to use formalistic language in inviting your prospective employer to get you on an interview.

You can also attach relevant files to help your potential boss reach a positive decision. And, of course, do not forget to include your contact information for a smoother communication process.



Should you consider me for the position, please refer to my resume, research manuscript, and attendance certificate attached separately to this email. I am also available for an interview either in person or on any communication platform at your convenience. You can find my contact details below my signature.


Barista with no experience cover letter sample: Fitting the pieces together

A Male Barista in A Coffee Shop

Now that we’ve seen how to create each part in detail, let’s also have a look at how all the puzzle pieces fit together as a complete picture.

Note to start with the application date followed by the name of the hiring manager, his or her position, coffee shop name, and the complete establishment address.

If you’re confused about how to write and punctuate addresses correctly, you may check out our master guide titled “Commas in Addresses” to make your writing flawless.

After that, do not forget to use a formal salutation that ends in a colon, especially if you’re adhering to the close punctuation style – the punctuation system in favor of using lots of punctuation marks properly.

People who write a lot of formal letters may have the tendency to get bored or feel uncreative with using the classic “Dear X” salutation, and therefore, learning “Dear Sir or Madam” alternatives would come in handy.

Here’s our sample cover letter for your reference:

Write a Barista Cover Letter with No Experience

If you noticed, the sample letter ends with a tactful phrase that says “respectfully yours.” This is what we refer to as a complimentary close in letter writing.

“Warmest regards” is another polite complimentary close that you can also use in this type of correspondence, just in case the given one does not feel right for you.


Frequently Asked Questions on “How to write a no-experience-barista cover letter”


What details can we include in a barista resume when we have no experience?

We can highlight any relevant undergraduate course, internship, online certifications, awards, training programs when we have no actual work experience. Before applying for a particular barista job, we can also make sure that the job description states the company is open to hiring entry-level workers.


How can we write an experienced barista cover letter?

To write an experienced barista cover letter, we must be able to elaborate on previous barista-specific responsibilities that would set us apart from inexperienced ones. We can also include testimonials from clients and superiors if there are any.


Should I include a cover letter for a barista job?

Contrary to the popular belief, recruiters do read cover letters. So, yes, a well-written cover letter that highlights your key accomplishments and strong points as an applicant in any opening is always a major contributor to landing a job.



Baristas are unsung heroes that serve as backbones for creative professionals and students alike; hence, their salience in society is nothing less than commendable.

If you’re aspiring to be one, believing in yourself and religiously following the cover letter guidelines listed in this post would make you one step closer to the job that you fancy.