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Cover Letter for Waitress With No Experience: Ultimate Guide

Cover Letter for Waitress With No Experience: Ultimate Guide

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Seeking a job when you have no previous work experience is like finding a needle in a haystack: You have no idea where to start and what exactly to look for.

One of the go-to jobs sought by people without prior experience is being a waitress, which entails greeting guests, taking orders, serving food, waiting tables, refilling drinks, and sanitizing.

Although these tasks seem like a cakewalk on the surface, the job also necessitates dealing with more complicated situations such as multitasking and de-escalating agitated customers.

More so, before you could land an entry-level waitress position, you need to go through writing a compelling cover that would allow you to “sell yourself” to your potential employer.

So, why don’t we start by discovering how to do that?


How can we write a waitress cover letter if we have no experience?

To write a waitress cover letter even without prior work experience, we must use a polite yet assertive tone in highlighting our willingness to work on a flexible schedule, customer service know-how, linguistic fluency, sanitation, as well as physical capabilities in our cover letter.


Guidelines in writing a waitress cover letter (no experience)

Although you can increase your chances of landing a job when you have previous professional experience, it is still possible to get one despite not having any.

All you have to do is to start with effectively demonstrating your worth as a person in your application documents such as your cover letter and resume.

Writing a cover letter for any entry-level position entails understanding the purpose of a cover letter, as well as knowing cover letter dos and don’ts.

Meanwhile, getting the hang of what counts as work experience on a resume is also essential for creating the latter document mentioned.

Once you become aware of every nook and cranny of these writing strategies, you can already start listing down your core skills and qualities that would make you an asset to your target organization.

In the food and beverage industry, the necessary skills sought by employers are rooted in hospitality management, physical capabilities, and sanitation.

Hence, you must be able to present these themes on your cover letter in order to get shortlisted.

Here’s a breakdown of the three parts of a cover letter for an entry-level waitress position:


Introduction: Summarizing your worth

In your introductory paragraph, you must be able to encapsulate your value or worth as potential wait staff in the establishment you are applying for.

You can start with a formal greeting, followed by the intent of your letter, and the reasons why you can be an asset to your target employer. This can be done in a three-sentence format.

Do not forget to mention the exact position being applied for (e.g., entry-level waitress), the informational source of the job listing, as well as the company you are applying for.

One of the most popular job advertisement websites used in the USA is Craigslist. So, it is also crucial that you know how to reply to a Craigslist job posting when and if you decide to seek a waitress job through this platform.

Moreover, you should also be able to know how to format the inside address section at the top of your cover letter.

The inside address’ key elements include the application date, hiring manager’s name and position (if applicable), the company name, and the company’s complete address.

After this, you also need to use a formal salutation that should contain the name of the hiring manager, as much as possible.

Not being able to write the hiring manager’s name may imply that you have not gone through the extra mile of online searching or calling the company beforehand that could negatively affect the employer’s hiring decision.

If the classic “dear x” salutation doesn’t feel right for you, our other article on “Dear Sir or Madam” alternatives could help you get rid of “uncreativity feelings” in writing this part.

Here’s a complete sample containing all the writing elements explained above:


Example (introduction):


August 08, 2021


Matthew Petterson

Hiring Manager

Veggie Valley, Inc.

111 Millbrook Rd.

Grafton, WI 53024


Dear Mr. Petterson:


Greetings to you, sir! This letter is in response to your entry-level Waitress job posting for Veggie Valley on Craigslist. I can be an asset to the food and beverage services industry not only because of my education in Hospitality Management but also for my propensity for working in an agile work atmosphere. 


Body: Supporting your claim

Next, you must be able to elaborate and support your initial claim stated in your introductory paragraph since it is only designed to offer a glimpse of your value as a potential employee.

Here, you can list down specific aspects of your life that would make you suitable for the job role, such as education, training programs, and soft skills.

Besides your cover letter, listing an internship on a resume, if any, is also pivotal in landing a job because it is the closest real-world experience for any student applicant.

Research work experience on a resume is also another vital element that a recruiter may find attractive, and hence, remember to write it down if you have done any in the past.

Furthermore, bulleted writing format increases visual attention to items in a list. Thus, you can make your cover letter even more appealing by creating a list of your potential contributions in bullet form.

As you don’t have previous work experience, try to focus on the key soft and transferable skills that you have and are capable of doing, as well as the outcome or result of such skills.

You can structure your sentences in such a way that they become more about your prospective employer rather than yourself, especially in your bulleted list.

Here, you can highlight your schedule flexibility, physical ability, communication, and customer service skills to increase your chances of getting hired.

Pro tip: Make sure to make your cover letter as grammatically flawless as possible if you are claiming communication skills as one of your top qualities.

Here’s how you can do all of the above-mentioned details:


Example (body):


With my knowledge in culinary arts, housekeeping, basic finance, etc., I believe I can be of help in your reputable company, especially with the guidance of your esteemed employees.


To help you with your hiring decision, here are the things that I can offer:


  • You will never worry about attendance issues because I am a morning person who is open to working in a flexible work schedule.
  • You can rely upon the fact that I can sustain long hours of standing and walking due to my spending an average of four hours per week jogging and weightlifting.
  • You will not have a hard time giving me instructions because I possess excellent communication skills with a native-like proficiency in English, as well as basic Spanish and French.
  • You can trust that I am capable of immediately understanding and dealing with social cues because I am a detail-oriented person who loves making people feel comfortable at all times.


If you noticed, language abilities have been included above, specifically as the third item in the list.

Knowing how to highlight language abilities on a cover letter can also amplify your chances of becoming a waitress, as well as in other jobs that may require such skill.

A closely related job one can get in the food and beverage services industry is the barista position, which is also extremely salient in today’s society.

So please don’t hesitate to study and learn how to write a barista cover letter with no experience for you to have another option.


Conclusion: Suggesting an interview

Now that you’ve finished the intro and the body, you may already end your cover letter using an assertive yet still polite tone.

You can do so by expressing interest in an interview at the convenience of your prospective employer, prompting the addressee to go through the rest of your application documents, and listing your contact details.

Please do not forget the other crucial parts of a cover letter such as the complimentary close and signature.

“Yours respectfully” is used as the complimentary close in the example below, but feel free to choose “warmest regards” or “sincerely yours” as other formal alternatives.

Here’s an example conclusion for your reference:


Example (conclusion):


I am eager to discuss my application further at your earliest convenience. My resume and relevant certificates are also attached to this email for your reference. Please find my contact details listed below.


Yours respectfully,


Emily Harrison


(123) 456-789

[email protected]


Waitress with no experience cover letter full sample

Here’s the full sample for you when applying for a waitress job with no experience! Enjoy!

Cover Letter for Waitress With No Experience


Frequently Asked Questions on “Cover letter for waitress with no experience”


How can we write a resume for a waitress with no experience?

To write a resume without prior work experience, we can list down our educational background, research work, internships, affiliations, training programs. Make sure to also list down at least two references especially people from the food and beverage industry who can be contacted by your prospective employer for testimonials.


How can we explain that we are willing to learn even if we don’t have any experience?

To demonstrate our willingness to learn even without prior work experience, we can do some online research about the target company and its decision-makers and compliment them in the cover letter, as well as during the interview. This would exemplify that we have “done our homework,” which is concrete proof of being willing to learn.


What skills are necessary for applying for a waitress position?

The necessary skills for a waitress job role are hospitality management or customer service, physical abilities, multitasking, schedule flexibility, sanitation, and customer agitation de-escalation.



Even though there are no absolutes in job seeking, we can increase the probability of getting hired for any position if we know the nuances of job application procedures.

Writing a persuasive cover letter is nothing less than a game-changer in this activity, and hence, learning how to structure one in relation to the job description should set you apart from other candidates.

Thanks for reading ‘til the end. See you on our next post!