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Cover Letter for a Cleaning Job with No Experience ― Do This

Cover Letter for a Cleaning Job with No Experience ― Do This

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You can’t get a job without experience, but you can’t get experience if you can’t get a job in the first place.

Does this dilemma sound familiar? The truth is that it is possible to get a job without any experience, but you need to use a different strategy.

You can’t rely on a resume that shows all the experience you have doing the job for other companies or on glowing recommendations from a former supervisor about how good you are at doing the thing you’re applying for.

You’ll have to sell yourself in other ways, and that starts with a great cover letter. Keep reading for tips and examples on how to write a cover letter that might just get your foot in the door for a cleaning job even if you have no experience.


How to write a cover letter for a cleaning job without any experience – Top Tips

A cover letter represents the first impression that a potential employer has of you. This is a great opportunity to overcome their hesitation about hiring you for a cleaning job even if you don’t have any experience.

These tips can help you write a letter that will make that good impression.


Include your contact information

If you are writing a letter, your contact information should be in the heading. If you are writing an email, you should include this information at the end after your signature.

Be sure to include your phone number, an email address and your physical address so that they can contact in the way that is most convenient for them.


Address the right person

First, try to address the letter to a specific person. Make sure it is the right person, and be sure that you spell their name correctly.

This may seem obvious, but you might be surprised at how often people send such letters with this information wrong or misspelled!


Introduce yourself

Start by introducing yourself and explaining that you are writing the letter to apply for the job as cleaner. You can also say where you saw the position posted.

In a sentence or two, say why you think you are right for the job. You will expand on this in the body of the letter.


Think transferable skills

This is the key to getting the cleaning job. You may not have experience as a professional cleaner, but you probably have developed other skills that will make you a success in this job.

First, you probably already know something about cleaning just from taking care of the place where you live. You should also mention that you are good at following written and verbal directions.

Cleaning can involve moving and lifting things, so be sure to mention that you are able to do this as well.

Another good skill to have when you are a cleaner is communication. You may be communicating with clients as well as with your supervisor.

You should also think about the qualities that will make you a good candidate for the position, such as being diligent and conscientious.


Focus on why you’re an asset

Don’t make the mistake of spending a lot of time explaining why the job would be good for you.

This is a mistake that many people make when they are writing a cover letter. You should instead focus on how you can be an asset to the company and not the other way around.


Ask for an interview

Be proactive. In your conclusion, be sure to indicate that you are eager to hear from them and available for an interview.

You can say something like “Please let me know when a good time would be for an interview.”


Be concise

Your entire letter should be under a page and should preferably just be a few paragraphs.

You should have an introductory paragraph followed by a body of just one or two paragraphs and then a conclusion.

Make your points quickly. You want the person who gets your letter to be able to glance at it and quickly pick up the most important information.



Be sure to set your letter aside for a little while or even a day.

This will allow you to look at it with fresh eyes and make it easier to notice any mistakes.

You can also give it to a friend to read and get their feedback if you know someone who is good at writing.


Example of a cover letter for a cleaning job with no experience

Here’s how you might write a cover letter for a cleaning position even if you don’t have any experience.

Note that in this example, your contact information is in the heading.

If you write this as an email instead of a letter that you put in the mail, you would leave off the date and both addresses and just begin it with the greeting. Your contact information would go at the end.

Your Name
Phone number


Company Name

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing in regards to the position for a cleaner that you posted on the Brandon Community College job board. My name is Kelsey Adams, and I am an organized, detail-oriented person who is committed to excellence. I would be an excellent addition to your cleaning staff.

I am skilled at various cleaning tasks, including vacuuming, dusting and mopping, and at doing deep cleans. I follow both verbal and written instructions well. I can read and understand package directions about safe use of cleaning materials. My diligence and perfectionist qualities make me a great candidate for this position. In addition, I have good written and spoken communication skills. Motivated and high-energy, I can also lift and carry up to 50 pounds. I work well independently or as part of a team.

I would love the opportunity to discuss this opportunity with you further, and I am available for an interview at your convenience. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kelsey Adams