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  1. English spelling is so strange. Do you agree? Here's just one curious example of why... In English: https://youtu.be/vhB8o-SivGQ Y el mismo video en español : https://youtu.be/FOvlruy-mqk
  2. Hello! Do you use online dictionaries to study English. Students at an intermediate level can use English/English dictionaries instead of translation dictionaries. In this video I share some of the features of several different dictionaries. What do you think?
  3. I think technology will help a lot, as it already does, with simple translations. But when we need nuanced, more complex interactions we need people to know the languages and translate. Translation technology has a very difficult challenge with pronouns. Even two people speaking their native tongues can get confused about what a certain pronoun may refer to in a conversation.
  4. I like your idea! Here is your post with just a few corrections: I'd like to propose to all members of this forum a new section called "Right and Wrong", where every participant who posts in here, do that to shares a bit about himself; likes and dislikes, stories and anecdotes, dreams, etc. to pursue the goal of knowing each other a little bit more and also to practice or improve the learning of the wanted language the language you are learning. In this case, I started for with "Spanish - English", since I'm a Spanish language native and I'm learning English. This is how we can do it... I
  5. Hello! First, I hope you all don't mind me sharing my video here in the forum. I hope it can be useful to English language learners. I just started my channel for English language learners and would love any feedback. The other videos explain movie scenes and I have 3 about news in Spain. Thanks!!
  6. If you are choosing a language to learn for fun I think you should focus more on the culture and less on the mechanics of the language. Who do you see yourself wanting to talk with? French speaking people or German? (ok, maybe both, but does one group interest you more?) What kind of books do you see yourself reading? French or German? Where do you see yourself traveling? What videos can you imagine watching on the internet? Videos about French speaking countries' cultures and history, music and interviews or the ones in German?
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